Literature Review Online Marketing | Literature Review on Digital Marketing

Literature Review Online Marketing | Literature Review on Digital Marketing

Literature Review Online Marketing scholarly papers introduce literature review in their study to discuss the relevant issues by pursuing secondary research. The section introduces the facts what have already been researched in order to well support the proposed topic of th

e present study. The present study is going to analyse the importance of online marketing and its impact on the improvements of sales. However, the research attempts to identify the need to introduce online market

Literature Review Online Marketing | Literature Review on Digital Marketing

ing and its respective activities. It is also going to discuss how marketing has a huge impact in attracting customers and thereby developing the context of any business organization.

Previous research works:

Various researches have been pursued on the relevance of online marketing and its impact on sales. Hu, Du and Damangir (2014) analysed in their works regarding the importance of advertising. They worked on the topic of how the fruits of advertising can generate the interest of customers and how subsequently it can be converted into sales. The work has been pursued to highlight the importance of advertisement on various components.

Zhang, Ma and Cartwright (2013) attempted their discussion regarding the investigation of online user reviews on sales search goods. It has issued discussion on the development of business context depending on the online user remarks and feedbacks. Their work has been an attempt to highlight the the understanding of impact.

On another note, Dale Wilson (2013) gave statement regarding the availability of online direct marketing databases. His work discussed about the fact that the marketing professionals get abundance of opportunities in the implementation of improved marketing strategies and tactics. The work has illustrated the importance of online databases that consequently guides the sales authorities through numerous ways to seek different customers and develop substantial sales leads. Overall the study discussed about the use of online marketing databases impacts over generating sales improvements.

 Conceptual framework:

The conceptual framework is developed to outline the key points attached to the present topic of the study related to the evaluation of the impact of online marketing on sales. The framework is developed in order to have the crucial points based on which the discussion is directed. The conceptual frame is considered to be providing transparent ideas and thoughts regarding the ongoing research.

Analysing the concept of online marketing:

Business organizations cannot be satisfied with only increasing the quality of their products and services. They essentially need marketing strategies to make introduction and recognition in the market. A business is developed from its acquaintance in the market and how the customers engage their attitude towards it. Marketing is an important tool in business that addresses a company’s existence and activities. As defined by Zhu and Zhang (2010, p.138), online marketing is a strategy where the companies or brands digitally communicate with the customers. The customers need to get thorough information regarding products of their choice. Through advertisements the business organizations put the details of the products including their services, discounts, price and features.

In the contemporary time, people are engrossed in internet activities in any purpose. People as well as customers can well be reached out from the digital communication and online public relation strategy. The organizations implemented the idea of ebusiness, ecommerce, internet marketing that can benefit the overall business. Internet marketing always has the benefit of detailing information of products and services that the customers wish to buy. They check over internet to view the products and services. During the time purchase where the high involvement of the customers is attached they always want hands on experience to make decisions on their purchase. In that case, the online marketing has hardly any effectiveness.

Literature Review Online Marketing | Literature Review on Digital Marketing

Stegemann and Sutton-Brady (2012, p.3) analysed that online marketing issues digital advertising, campaigning, public relations that have a sophisticated psychological impression in the minds of the customers. Various organizational authorities find it fruitful to take hold of online activities related to marketing to reach maximum number of potential customers. People nowadays extensively use social media, email and they come across a number of websites everyday for their personal purpose. Online marketing is strategized to be focused on various websites, social networking sites, emails where people can get close to the informational demonstrations issued by various companies and organizations (Tankosi?, A. and Trnav?evi?, A, 2011, p.150). They can get access to their desired material anytime they wish. In order to execute sales promotion and expect customer attraction, the companies need to arrange attractive prizes and convenient discounts. The organizations plan sales promotion in the objective of expanding the product and service acquaintance to the customers. E-Commerce has facilitated the business contexts to make faster and hassle free transactions. The organizations implemented the idea of ebusiness, ecommerce, internet marketing that can benefit the overall business. Numerous factors are there why the activities related to web have been accelerated and the overall interest and awareness amongst the customers have risen.

The organizations here afford to personally communicate and persuade the potential buyers to purchase their products. Once the business authorities have constant contact with the potential customers, they can easily persuade them to choose product from their productions and services. It has become easy for the advertisers to reach out to the maximum number of customers from various regions to let them know the detailed information regarding any brand or company. Online marketing has the first and foremost aspect of issuing advertisements of various products and services. The customers need to get thorough information regarding products of their choice.Order Now

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