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Literature Review Motivation Assignment Help  is a solution of Literature Review For Motivation Assignment Help that describes about necessary in order to encourage organisational employees so that they perform their activities with more enthusiasm.

Motivation is the factor which is necessary in order to encourage organisational employees so that they perform their activities with more enthusiasm. Employees are hired in order to process the activities or execute the activities of the projects. These projects help the organisation in order to attain the growth in the market. Literature Review Motivation Assignment HelpWith the help of the paying incentives risk management always tries to motivate their employees which put positive impact over their productivity (Wu, et. al., 2013).

Literature Review For Motivation Assignment Help Incentive:

Incentives get utilized by the management in order to compensate or remunerate their employees after evaluating their overall performance management and it get distinguish between two types one is material and other one is non-material. Material incentives are tangible incentives and it gets further divided into two parts such as one is monetary and other one is non-monetary. Monetary incentives make inclusion of various factors such as cash whereas non-monetary incentives may include various rewards such as discount vouchers, movie tickets, meal coupons, etc. Intangible incentives are already non-monetary incentives and it includes incentives just like employee of the month, positive reviews over their performance, certification, recognition and public praise made by their management (Wu, et. al., 2013).
If incentives are monetary than it can be another part of salary which has fluctuating nature on the other hand if it is not in the form of monetary then it is only for praising the hard work or efficiency of the employees. Both factors effectively motivate their employees.

Literature Review For Motivation Assignment Help Extrinsic motivation:

The incentive provided by the management is material and tangible. When a management render extrinsic incentives which make inclusion of various rewards such as salary increment, bonuses or commission or additional compensation or gifts or any physical rewards then there is subsequent improvement is observed in the performance of employees. When the basic need of employees get satisfied then employee become satisfied in an effective manner as it make him more satisfied. In order to maintain the high level of performance with accuracy employees may demand for same level incentives or more as time passes (Begum, & Pereira, 2015).

Intrinsic motivation:

The incentive provided by the management is non-material and intangible. As per this kind of incentives there are no such physical rewards are rendered by them they just simply engage them into enjoyable activities in order to motivate them. Management praise their work in public in order to share their achievements or set their performance as examples for others. These activities didn’t render any physical reward to the employee but they become successful in motivating them in effective manner (Pinard, 2011).

Relationship between incentives and organisational performance for employees:
Concept of financial incentives:

Under this concept management is liable to pay out the monetary benefits to their employees in order to reward them against their effective performance. They pay this remuneration in the form of small amount by adding it to their salaries and it is considered as the oldest form of rendering incentives. By giving financial incentives their employees become satisfied and motivated in a quick span of time and also show effective improvement in their performance. Getting financial incentives helps in satisfying their basic needs as it increases their salary and it also having various types such as bonuses, allowances, profits share or monetary rewards (Pinard, 2011). The share of productivity gets increased significantly with the effect of the monetary incentives. As the ratio of incentives get increased there is adequate increase in the efficiency of doing production as there is increase in production level as well as increase in the quality (or accuracy).

Literature Review Motivation Assignment Help

Concept of moral incentives:

Under this concept there is no such monetary reward is provided to their employees and instead of monetary rewards they render them supervision or leadership or make them participate in the management. With this effect also there is effective increase in their motivational level. It effectively increases their moral confidence and become motivated in order to perform their activities (Kvaløy, et. al., 2015).

Relationship between incentive and motivation:

Motivation is derived from word “motive” and the meaning of this word is “reason for action”. Work environment is the place where there is effective requirement of motivation among their employees in order to perform their activities in an effective manner. It increases the level of production its quality, leadership style and many more. There are different types of employees and each employee get motivated in different style some get motivated with monetary incentives and some get motivate through moral incentives only (Kvaløy, et. al., 2015).


All organisations whether it is public or private require motivated employees in order to perform their activities in effective and efficient manner. Motivated employees are effectively perform their work as they are energetic and creative in order to perform their activities and render adequate level of support in the success of the organisation (Perry, et. al., 2010).


It is observed that motivational level of such employees who get rewarded by bonuses, compensations or commission is same with such employees who didn’t get rewarded. It is a human tendency that everyone likes reward for their work done and it can be monetary or non-monetary. Organisation get benefited with the help of their motivate employees as there, is effective increase in the level of their productivity as well as efficiency, their performance and loyalty towards their business organisation. Incentives put an effective impact over the overall performance of the employees (Perry, et. al., 2010).

Research Methodologies

The set of methods and sequential activities is termed as the methodology. It is the process of conducting the research study in a sequence and helps in attaining the desired results. It makes inclusion of various activities such as data collection, data analysis and evaluation and many more. It provide set path to execute these activities in an effective manner and helps in completing the research study well on time (Sell, & Cleal, 2011).

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