Linux Assignment Help

1) Linux Assignment Help   Linux Assignment Help work for a medium sized organisation that runs approximately 35 Linux servers that perform a variety of tasks such web hosting, database hosting, application hosting, email relay, file serving, etc. You are required to compare services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and one other cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, specifically looking at: [5 marks]

  1. Service Features: Detail and compare the services provided for virtual Linux server hosting, storage, virtual machine management and network services. List which Linux distributions are supported by each IaaS provider.
  2. IPv4 and IPv6 addressing: What options and services does each IaaS provider have in regards to IP address allocation and management for virtual machines?
  3. Redundancy and Backup: What features and services does each IaaS provider have to improve client uptime, protect services from outages and undertake backups of virtual machines?

2) You are required to register an account with an IaaS virtual server hosting provider of your choice (or use an existing account if you have one), and then create a virtual server instance and install and configure a virtual server running a version of Linux of your choosing. Test your server by logging in using SSH and checking the processes that are running. Please note that you can undertake this activity without incurring costs, there are free trial accounts with various providers that you can use for this task. [5 marks]

Linux Assignment Help

3) You are required to configure and test a Web server running on your virtually hosted server that you created in part 2). Install and configure a web server, serving out a default web page that you have created. The web page should contain at least your name, the subject name “ITC514 Network and Security Administration – Assessment 3″ and may contain other content that you choose to create. Test the operation of your web server using an external client requesting the web page that you have created. [5 marks]

Submit a learning diary for these activities in which you should include:Answers to question 1;

  • A description of the steps you undertook to undertake questions 2 and 3;
  • Screenshots from your client device validating the operation of the virtual server and the web server;
  • Your Web server configuration, including a copy of the HTML content of your web page;
  • What problems you encountered and how you solved them;
  • How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.


This assessment item is design to test your

  • assess your progress towards meeting subject learning outcomes 1, 3, 5 and 6;
  • assist you to develop your learning of the priciples covered in topics 1-10 of the subject;
  • knowledge of the details of network service technologies;
  • ability to apply problem-solving techniques;
  • ability to find credible information sources and apply them;
  • ability to write clearly and concisely; and
  • ability to correctly reference information sources.