LEGISLATOR COMMUNICATIONIt is quite unfortunate that President Donald Trump decided to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget (Alexander, 2017).From the President’s budget blueprint released recently, the recommendation states that $2.6 billion should be scrapped off from the Environmental Protection Agency. That means that the Agency’s budget has been reduced by a margin of almost 31%. In addition, he proposes to eliminate financial assistance to state programs that manage climate change. Another department to be affected is the Army Corps of Engineers. The President proposes that $1 billion be slashed from their budget. The consequences of these budget slimming proposals could be grave. With a reduced budget, state departments will encounter difficulty in executing their respective mandates. For example, it is feared that the Army Corps of Engineers will not be able to play role conclusively in the water and transportation projects including replenishing Delaware’s coastline.

Sir, it is a well-known fact that you hold an important office and is highly regarded in the community. You have an impressive track record in defending the environment and that which is good for the people. For example, when the Scott Pruitt was nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency, you single-handedly led a rare partisan boycott opposing the move. Pruitt was clearly unfit to take up the position based on his previous remarks that seemed to be against the Agency (King, 2017)

Now you are a high ranking member of the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. You have been at the forefront of opposing the budget slashing of the EPA and other state departments that manage climate change. In addition, you have highlighted the effects that climate change would have across Delaware(Senator Carper Highlights the Impacts of Climate Change Across Delaware: Dewey Beach, 2017). Your visionary initiatives to preserve the environment and manage climate change have earned you more love and respect. They include relentless efforts you have invested in opposing President Donald Trump’s attempts to roll back on Environmental Conservation Policies. Despite most pessimists thinking that you were no match to the task, you have lived to prove them wrong. Standing against those who seemingly do not have the interests of the environment at heart has reassured the Environmental stakeholders and activists of a greener future. Indeed, for the jobs well done you have found support in fellow Senators like Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey. He among many others sees impeccable leadership qualities in you. Cory said, “He’s a pretty impressive leader,” Booker said. “He’s not one of these people who is going to be a show horse and chest thump. If you know him, he’s extraordinarily effective.” (King, 2017)

During the last joint session of Congress, the President mentioned that 20% of the workforce in the Environmental Protection Agency would be eliminated. Fortunately, the filibuster rules require a minimum of 60 votes for most legislation to be passed. As it is right now, the Senate is the only chance the Democrats have of stopping in stopping the President’s agenda if not slow it down. Republicans occupy only 52 seats therefore as a Democrat your vote, and any other additional form of contribution is highly valued in the environmental agenda. You have made public the issues in which you strongly disagree with President Trump. First, the weakening of rules and guidelines on power plant emissions that pose the great threat to the environment. Second, the blatant disregard of the need to combat climate change and global warming.  Lastly, the rising levels of mercury (King, 2017)

Your clean track record in defending the environment stands out. The people owe you their support and believe that you will reach an accord with the federal government in ways that Barbara Boxer; the former head of EPA couldn’t. Meanwhile, continue with the tours meant to sensitize the public on the benefits of engaging in environmental-friendly practices. Organizations and ordinary citizens need to be educated on the advantages of having a pollutant free environment. It seems like some people including the President do not know that natural disasters like floods and eroded coastlines are triggered by adverse climate change. Hon. Thomas Carper, the people are counting on you, and they believe that you will not back down in the environmental struggles despite the opposing circumstances. Also, try and get the support of other stakeholders and activists in a push for the greener environment. Best regards from your supporters.


Alexander, H. (2017, March 16). Donald Trump’s Budget expected to include cuts of almost a third to the Environmenta Protection Agency and State Department. Retrieved from The Telegraph News: 99assignmenthelp.com.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/16/donald-trumps-budget-expected-include-cuts-almost-third-environmental/

King, L. (2017, March 3). Delaware Sen. Tom Carper emerges as unlikely environmental warrior. Retrieved from USA TODAY: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/03/delaware-sen-tom-carper-emerges-unlikely-environmental-warrior/98648454/

Senator Carper Highlights the Impacts of Climate Change Across Delaware: Dewey Beach. (2017, April 21). Retrieved from USA Senate Government: https://www.epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases-democratic?ID=7F06BFF1-955B-4D1E-AC10-8AB6A385CA99

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