Leadership Style at Filippo

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Leadership Style at FilippoLeadership is not anything new to us or this generation. The need for leaders and the impact that leaders can have remains the same throughout all generations. Though, there is a considerable difference in the 21st century leadership style now, when compared to the past, but the essence and the impact of leadership remains the same throughout all generations. The business market has changed drastically; companies are stretching their operations beyond national boundaries and entering into foreign markets (Lenway and Eden, 2001). There has been a huge increase of people travelling to different countries for various reasons. The outcome of this has resulted in a highly mixed culture around the world. Each and every country has their own lifestyle,  language, dressing sense, food habits and other things and so on. They bring all this along with them to the foreign country, resulting in a huge cultural change. The other factor that is being affected is the business environment; with competition rising and consumer demand increasing companies are forced to be innovative in order to survive in the market. In this study, we will focus on a small family run restaurant called Filippo on the outskirts of Phoole. This restaurant has enjoyed a good market share in its operating locality, but things have been changing fast, even in the suburbs,  with people pouring into these areas as well, especially foreign students and people seeking jobs, find the suburbs a good haven to reside in, due to its low cost of living. This change has promptly changed the market scenario in the suburbs and a constant threat of new entrants suddenly became a reality. Filippo sensing this threat decided to make changes in his restaurant and began to expand and innovate. He appointed     seven more waiters, three cooks, four captains and increased the volume of cooking, but Filippo failed to grab any of the new customers from the locality, except for a few now and then.

Filippo Restaurant

The restaurant is well known for its delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, soothing music and a friendly employee base. The employees of the restaurant are mostly family members led by Filippo after whom the restaurant is named. The employees of Filippo are said to be very hospitable and very eager to please their customers, which makes the customers very comfortable. The restaurant has five cooks, out of which 3 are family members while the other two are close associates of the owner. There are eight waiters, four captains and one janitor that makes up the full staff of Filippo (www.filippos.co.uk).

Leadership Styles, Trait theories & Behavioural Theories

Stogdill (1974) points out that various definitions of leadership styles have been drawn from the varying definitions of leadership, he suggests that leadership style is an ability or a method with a goal to achieve targets set by companies and to manage the other activities in a company as well.  Fieldler (1967) argues that leadership is a relationship developed by a leader to influence another or a team, to act according to his rights, in order to develop a working together environment to achieve the set goals.

Shead (2007) suggests that leadership traits are inborn, they are characteristics that people are born with, and identifying these traits can help a person to recognize a genuine leader. As per the Trait Leadership Theory (2010), leadership styles are concerned with traits that are inborn within a leader’s personality. There are around 20 characteristics identified by “The Leadership Challenge” that they associate with a genuine leader. Among these 20 traits the top 5 traits are honesty, intelligence, visionary, inspiration and competence. They suggest that these traits are inborn in a good leader and a good leader has the perfect balance of these traits that help him or her in influencing and leading people towards achieving aimed goal.

Leadership behavioural theory had begun to spread between the 1950s- 1960s, behavioural leadership theory is in contrast to trait theory as behavioural leadership theory believes that leadership is not inborn, but can be trained and influenced by. Behavioural leadership theory is a huge leap away from trait theory since behavioural theory believes that leadership skills can be taught and are not inborn (Behavioural Theory, 2010).

English Leadership style at Filippo

There are various leadership styles such as Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez –Faire leadership, transformational leadership, transactional, situational, emotional and more (Bass & Bass, 2008). The leadership style at Filippo was largely autocratic and emotional, with all the decisions resting in the hands of Mr Filippo. There was no room given for the other family members to take any decisions. Hence, creativity and innovation were seldom seen at Flippo. Filippo was quick in taking note of the needs of his employees and his customers as well, this helped him in providing satisfactory services to his customers and employees likewise.                                   Leadership Traits

Filippo is a hardworking, honest and a dedicated leader, these were his leadership traits as a leader; he was generous and kind as well and had high amount of emotional leadership quality in him, which helped him understand the needs of his employees. These characteristics had encouraged utter devotion of his family members and other staff members in serving him and his restaurant.  Filippo   shows signs of believing in trait leadership theory, he shows no trust in training and development, apart from professional skills, he confides only in certain elders of the family believing them to be born with certain intellect the others are excluded from the decision making part.

Impacts of the Leader

Hard work: the hard work put in by the leader encouraged the other staff members to follow his lead. The staff tends to go out of their way to satisfy their customers, they display a high amount of dedication and honesty in their work.

Loyalty: the leader is extremely loyal towards his staff    and makes sure that none suffers injustice under his leadership. If any staff member is found guilty punishment is certain to follow, whether it be a family member or not.

Emotion: the leader is very sensitive to the feelings of others and is very quick in supporting any staff member who is under pressure. He is quick in offering leave to members who are facing stress and are finding it hard to cope with the pressure. This develops a very happy and stress-free environment to work in.

Cultural: The leader is keen that respect should be shown to every employee, whether from the family or not. Sensitive issues are not to be raised no discrimination, no racism.  Any offenders would be penalized.

Total Control: the leader being an autocratic leader, exercises total control over the staff and business. Every individual has to report to  one head. This style does not allow any exploitation of power by the other related staff members; neither can any staff member put another under any stressful situations, as everything has to be reported to the leader.

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