Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

Last Night I Dreamed Of PeaceIntroduction

War is never something that people look forward to. However, in the history of humankind, war has been a constant feature. The problem about war is that in its aftermath after the dust has settled, people tend to remember it based on what was reported to them about it(“The Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War”). A critical example, which is the spine of ‘Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace’, was the Vietnam war. In the war, the report given by the media was that it was a war against the evils of communism and against a brutal dictator. True to the power and influence of mass media, most people believed it and were willing to actually get drafted to the war. The Americans were the good side going to rescue a deprived people(“The Causes Of The Vietnam War”). However, as one learns especially from the first person narration of the diary that is ‘Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace’ the war was a bitter thing especially to the innocent civilians of Vietnam.

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace is a diary by a young North Vietnamese doctor called Dang Thuy Tram. She is of an impressionable age with strong support for the Communist Party and a passion for her work as a doctor. Understandably, she volunteers to go to South Viet Nam for these reasons. While she is a lonely girl yearning for the attention of a lover, she sticks to her profession tending to the sick and injured in the war. The ironic aspect about war, as was the case with the Vietnam war, it tends to glorify soldiers who were ‘exceptional’ in the battlefield. The word ‘exceptional’ is used as a politically correct statement for a soldier who killed many. It is no surprise that a lot of movies are spawned in favor of that narration. However, if one was to look at war with a viewpoint of humanity, Dr. Tram was an actual hero in the war. In an impoverished area, with no modern day medical equipment, and depressed by war, the doctor was able to conduct lifesaving surgeries and save multiple lives through her work!Were she arrive toady, she ought to be hailed as a true heroine of Vietnam(Thuy Tram).

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

History may be written by the winner, however, lessons are learnt from the losing side. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, lives were lost, but the story sold was that communism had been defeated. It was easy to sell the story as most people in the west could relate to it. True, public opinion shifted against the war in its final years, but the fact  was that a win over communism was welcome(“The Causes Of The Vietnam War”). In her diary, Dr. Tram gives an opposing first person experience that makes one see the actual horror of the war. The epitome of this was when her friend Lam had shrapnel lodged in his spine. He was a doctor with no military experience, but he became a casualty of American soldiers. The depressing aspect was that there was no way that he could be helped(Thuy Tram). That left him in a painful state as he awaited for his eventual death! It is no surprise that in her dairy, Dr. Tram, as do most Vietnamese, despises the American invaders and has no kind word to describe them(“Meeting With The Enemy: Vietnam From A Vietnamese Perspective”).


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