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What Is Ionic Compounds ?

From our previous reports about the structure of an atom, we know that in an atomic site, there are current objects and protons that have a negative and potentially harmful effect. The reason an atom is stable is that the number of protons carrying one plus (+1) corresponds to the number of electrons revolving in an atom that carries one extraction one (- 1) disagree. When full payment costs, one will conclude that the total value of the equals all the costs and causes the atom to perform a full charge of the electricity cost and this is important why an atom is said to be stable.

As a nation or work in one place with another; it can see that some of the atoms are upgrading or delaying the debts and often failing to pay the cost of themselves, primarily due to a change of the use of both atoms and occurrences of such an event if the resulting compound may contain some or other electromagnetic value and such as a small atom is called the ion. An ion can lead to two negative and good results.

Anion and cation

Ionic Compounds Assignment HelpAs mentioned above, an ion can cause both disadvantages and benefits and for species ions we have special lists. One good part of the body is called cation and the reason behind the creation of the same thing is when a disability is caused by an electrical reason; this happens in the radiation in the atom has more than the total electrical properties and thereby the proper amount of atom is greater than the negative that makes the atom look all. The same happens when all the protons in an atom have less than the number of electrons; which cause all the negative effects of the atom.

Such a type of ion where no good value exceeds this rating is called the cation. And this means only the number of electrons in the special atom exceeds the number of protons. The easiest thing to know is if an atom will produce a cation or anion after a reaction using the thumb of the rule that the total value of the atom can be calculated using the supernatural and their ocatat.

Nomenclature of ionic compounds: in chemistry; nomenclature means naming chemical fertilizers to make it easier to categorize and group them when researched. In this paragraph, we are studying some of the rules of the title of a relationship between the ionic.

The rules are as follows:

  • When writing the name of the ion; it must ensure that the name of the anion comes after the function and the same notification must be followed. When formulating the formula.
  • The word ion should not be included when recording the title of the cation in the compound ionic. Only an exception to this rule is that when the ring makes the body strong; that is it has many valencies, we write the word ion.
  • Because we know that the disadvantages and the good cost are eliminated; the same problem arises with the ionic connections and this is because when there is a relationship; we think the cation and a title list. We can see the fact that an effective atom strike is connected to an atomic disorder and they both eliminate the value of the phrase one. Here, we can reach the conclusion that the total value of a project produced by two different ionic sources must be zero leaks the compound will not be stable as other versions of the same.
  • When writing the name of an ionic compound, which is a place created by two different ions; one must make sure that the amount is huge, one must always write the best of the same. One of the best of this is NaCl. Both of these products, which are sodium and chloride-containing chemicals; are two ways but we are writing this in the above explanation so that it does not exceed the correct amount.

The conclusion: In this article; we read and studied some basic ions and ionic compounds; the way they create and the things that need to be remembered when called. For detailed information on ionic compounds, remain.Order Now

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