Internet E-Business Assignment Help

Internet E-Business Assignment Help

Internet E-Business Assignment Help transactions can be defined as the transactions of goods or services by Electronics Engineering means. At present, e-business is emerging as various benefits are delivering through e-business. Topics discussed in assignment are- micro and macro environment factors which influence e-business, benefits and barriers of online presence, use of internet technologies for communication and features of HTML. In addition to this, use of websites for success Internet E-Business Assignment Helpof business, mo
dels for generating high revenue, Elements Of The Marketing Process effective websites and its impact on the success of business is also discussed within the assignment.


1.1 Describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and define various types of e-business transactions.

Environment factors whether internal or external puts an impact on e-business. Micro and macro environmental factors can influence the activities of e-business. The main factors which are involve in the Macro environment:

  • Social factors- the customers living in the society or use internet which are related with business activities are included in the social factors. Social factors like perception of the consumers or individuals determines their way, they use internet for various activities.
  • Ethical and legal factors-these factors determines which product shall be promoted for online sale(Kamel & Rouibh, 2011). On behalf of the society, government seek to protect the privacy right if individuals.
  • Economic factors- fluctuations in economic aspects such as- inflations and tax rates in different regions and countries may affect the international trade and patterns of individual`s spending.
  • Technological factors- technological changes may offer new prospects or methods for marketing of products.
  • Political factors- transnational organizations and national government play crucial role in determining the future control and adoption of internet as well as the rules through which it is governed. Order Now :

The main factors which are involve in the Micro environment:

  • Customers- they can have impact on the company`s revenue as the products which are offer through company are purchased by the customers. Preferences or purchasing behavior of customers may affect the profit and loss of e-business(Kamel & Rouibh, 2011).
  • Competition- competitors of the company can put negative impact on the e-business as the competitors pricing policy and products may affect the sales.
  • Suppliers- they supplies material to the company which are required to make the end product. Inconsistent supplies or high cost charge by the suppliers affects the business.

E-business transactions can be defined as the transactions of goods or services by electronic means. E-business transactions are given below-

  • Business to consumer- this model is use by the company to sell its products or services directly to the consumers by using internet. At present, this model is use by Amazon. F&M can use this model to generate high profit, as direct deal can be done with customer which reduces various costs(Buchanan, 2009).
  • Business to business- this model can be used by the company who manufactures or deals in selling products or services for other business company. Software companies like – Infosys is example of who use this transaction, as they develop software’s and sale to their customers i.e. business companies. Read More  : Education Assignment Help

1.2 Explain the benefits and barriers to a business considering its online presence.

Benefits of online presence or E-business for F&M are discussed below-

  • Increase in sales- through e-business new customers get link with the business which benefit the business as number of customers for business increases and when the number of business increases then it leads to increase in sales volume of the company. In addition to this, existing customers of F&M will also attach with the company and chances for becoming their loyal customer would also be there.
  • Reductions in marketing cost- through online presence F&M will be benefited as cost of marketing will decrease such as- cost or printing for marketing of the products will decrease. Another benefit for F&M will be decrease in distribution cost.
  • Cost reduction in customer services- through online presence F&M will be benefited as the cost for customer services will be reduced(Deans, 2010).
  • Cost reduction of supply chain- through online presence F&M will be able to reduce the inventory level as well as the ordering period will also be minimized that will benefit for the business as the cost involve in supply chain will be reduced.
  • Corporate Image Communication- one of the other benefits for F&M of its online presence will be of its corporate image communication which means that corporate image of the company would facilitate in attracting the customers.
  • Meeting expectations of customers- another benefit of online presence for F&M is that, it would be able to meet with the expectations of the customers(Buchanan, 2009). Click Here :

Internet E-Business Assignment Help

On the other hand, there are some barriers also which may hinder the effectiveness of online presence; some of the barriers are discussed below-

  • Lack of relevant technology
  • Running cost and high initial setup
  • Lack of planning
  • Lack of knowledge in staff
  • Lack of skills in staff
  • Difficulty in changing procedures and processes
  • Restrictions on current bandwidth

1.3 Assess the security and legislative issues likely to be faced by the online business of “F&M?.

While entering in e-business, F&M can face various issues related with security and legislative. Some of the legal issues and security issues which can be faced by F&M are- hacking, cyber-attack, misuse of information by unauthorized access, loss of data, phishing, and virus attacks etc. these issues can be managed by the measures given below-

Encryption- data can be stored in encrypted format which will not be easily understandable by unauthorized users and they may not be able to steal the data(Rainer, 2010).

Digital signatures- use of digital signature on the documents should be there.

Security solution- antiviruses shall be use to minimize the issues of virus attack and loss of data due to viruses.

Cloud computing- can be other measure use by e-businesses to store the information in secure form.

Assessment of risk – if any person want to reduce the issues and vulnerabilities of the E – Commerce then they should conduct the risk assessments in regard to identify those(Buchanan, 2009). This helps to examining the process of the website and analyzes the features of security as well as user id, passwords, etc. Order Now :Transformational Leadership Style Assignment Help


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