Internet Customers Assignment Help
Task 1.1 Critically discuss the expectations of internet customers.

  • A brief introduction about the company and what expectations they have to achieve their expectations.
  • The company is expected to plan and manage an e-commerce strategy for their online ticket booking system.
  • Indentify the expectations of their customers (fans) in term of buying tickets online for various events.
  • Evaluate various risks involved in moving the business online, security of their payments data protection of their pesonal details.

Task 1.2 Critically assess the potential impact of common applications on an e-commerce business (Lions Cricket ground ticket booking system/website)

  • You are required to identify various of types of e-commerce app used by the business organisation for various purposes and then identify specific applications which would be useful for the given case study and critically evaluate the potential impact of those applications on the e-business of Lion’s Cricket Club.

Internet Customers Assignment HelpTask 2.1 Plan an e-commerce implementation strategy for a company of our choice (Lions Cricket ground ticket booking system/website.

You are required to produce e-commerce strategy plan for the given case study.

The following things need to be included in your plan:

  • Executive summary:
    • Please explain what you are planning to do when introducing an e-commerce solution for the sport’s club.
  • Company description (sport’s club description):
  • Briefly, explain the functional areas of the club: stakeholders, business operations performed by the club, the existing resource they have.

Internet Customers Assignment Help

List down the issues faced by the company.

List down the objectives.

Define the project scope and the resources needed for our case scenario.

Perform a cost benefit analysis.

Identify the key features of proposed e-commerce solution of the sport’s club.

Identify the e-commerce platform architecture.

Define the review policy. 

Task 3.1 Critically assess the risk of linking the business to the internet:

  • Types of risks.
  • Unauthorised access.
  • Different types of viruses.
  • Cyber-attacks.

You are required to identify various types of risk associated with the e-commerce solution which you are proposing for the given club and then take each risk and explain how it affects the e-commerce solution and type of what measures which you can get in order to prevent those risks.

Task 3.2

You are required to identify intellectual proprieties such as copyright, trademarks, domain names, and passing off, and explain the importance of protecting the rights when introducing an e-commerce solution, to the given case study.

You are required to provide examples of each right in relation to given case study.