International Corporate Crime Assignment

International Corporate Crime Assignment


International Corporate Crime Assignment The concept of corporate crime explains the illegal activities of the enterprise or the criminal acts of the individuals working on behalf of the corporation(Paternoster, 2016). The negative attitude of the company is not always considered as a criminal act. Different types of corporate crimes are there such as state-corporate, white collar or organised crime. The state-corporate crime supports in addressing the impact of the relation between state and company on the unlawful performance of the corporation. The individuals who are involved in the white collar crime focuses on fulfilling the business objectives of the corporation by committing some illegal activities(Cullen, et al., 2014). On other hand, organised crime supports in identifying the intention of criminals to establish enterprise with the aim of performing crime. The illegal activities of the Multinational Corporation creates an adverse impact on the society. The violation of ethical norms and conditions curbs the interest of the stakeholders in the business firm. The incorporation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)programmeassists the firm to gain competitive advantage in the current market scenario(Baumann & Friehe, 2016). Different business firms like Microsoft or Starbucks introduce ethical issues for achieving the social mission effectively. Therefore, the illegal business performance of these firms creates an adverse impact on the economic and environmental condition. The violation of corporate social rules also restricts the progress of the society in proper manner. The aim of the current study is to address the influence of the illegal activities of the multinational corporations on the society. Different examples have also been discussed in this context.

Discussion on the illegal activities of Multinational Corporations that creates largest threat to society:

The term ‘organised crime’ assists in addressing the criminal acts of multinational corporations in order to achieve the desired business outcome in shortperiod of time. The globalisation has influenced different firms to take unlawful steps for dealing with the complexities of the current business situation. The incorporation of common law is effective for running the business operation in proper direction(Muncie, et al., 2014). It aids in identifying the fiduciary duties of the legal body of corporation. The company focuses on enhancing the market share that influences their sales operation and profit margin. The rules and regulation of the Companies Act (2006) supports in addressing the responsibilities of the direction in the organisation. The inclusion of various principles of common law is also beneficial for expanding thebusiness operation effectively. The engagement of company liability is supportive for controlling the business activities of the firm in proper manner. Vicarious liability of common law aids in addressing the involvement of the employees in the business activities of the firm(Lord, 2014). The analysis of the non-vicarious liability matter focuses on different determining factors that aid in addressing the involvement of the staffs in the criminal business activities of the corporation. The principles of corporate crime assists in addressing the illegal activities committed by the corporate entities or individuals in the work area. The current policies aid in addressing the corporate crime committed by various multinational firms for achieving their business target. The unethical business activities of multinational corporations also generates the chances of human rights abuses faced by the staffs in the office ambiance(Leong, 2016).

The violation of thecorporate liability leads to raise the issues like forced labour or inclusion of rigid working hours that affects the health and wellbeing of the staffs in the work area. The primary responsibility of the directors of the firm is to protect the rights and dignity of the workers in the office ambiance. The organised crime of multinational firms aids in addressing the illegal business function for exploring the current market position of the corporation. Different individuals of the agency creates groups for progressing the corruption in the workplace. Money laundering or human trafficking is the perfect example of human abuse faced by the staffs in the corporation(Van de Bunt, et al., 2014). The implementation of this crime creates an adverse impact on the social and economic stability of the society. Human trafficking is considered as some of the significant traditional organised crime that aids in addressing the labour-based exploitation faced by the human being living in their society. The inclusion of efficient labours in relatively low price aids the corporation to gain high profit and sales operation in recent market condition. The existence of human abuse process in the workplace creates a negative impact on the society. Here, the case example of Starbucks or Google can be mentioned who have been accused of performing illegal activities to avoid the tax payment system in recent time. Starbucks is sued for making the sweetheart deal with the tax authorities of Dutch. The inclusion of accounting strategies supports the frim in siphoning the profit in unjust manner(, 2017).

The existence of transactional organised crime creates an adverse influence on the development of the society in recent time. The case of money laundering is a significant white collar crime committed by the multinational agencies existing in the society. The recent money laundering case of HSBC can be mentioned in this context. The company has forfeited total amount of £1.2 in the year of 2012(The Guardian, 2017). The financial corporation inclines towards offering their service to Saudi Arabia banks despite of their connection with terrorist financing. Therefore, the company faces legal issues in recent time. The inclusion of transitional criminal activities enable the multinational firms to avail new opportunities in the business situation. The insider trading supports the multinational corporations to avail confidential information that influences their business operation in an adverse manner. The case scenario of the Deutsche Bank can be mentioned for understanding the process of insider trading that affects the business operation of the enterprise(, 2017). The manager of the financial corporation along with three other persons have been accused of committing the insider trading inorder to improve the profit margin in recent time. The detailedinvestigation on the matter supports in addressing the effective steps that can be taken by the corporation to dissolve the challenges faced in the business function. The presence of transnationalorganised form of crime creates a global business treat that influences the development of the society.

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