Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan




Integrated Marketing Communication Plan:

Integrated Marketing Communication PlanIntegrated marketing communication is a simple concept which ensures that all forms of messages and communications are linked together and message is conveyed to the target market. Its main purpose is not only to promote its brand but also to survive in the market for long run. Integrated Marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise; it attempts to meld all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media, through their respective mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities, so that all work together as a unified force. It is a process designed to ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer.( | Belch, G. E., & Belch, M. A. (2004), (thedma, 2015)). This marketing communication is consumer based. To communicate with vast number of consumers IMC techniques and tools helps to provide existing consumer up-to-date information, timely reminder and special offers of a product. It refers to integrating all the methods of brand promotions to promote a particular product.

4.1 Overall IMC strategy :

IMC strategy defines the clear image of the company’s marketing plan which is used for current as well as future time period. IMC strategy generally involve a well designed vision which will help the business to lead in market. IMC strategy also undertake AIDA to persuade their target audience which involve steps like : Attention , Interest ,Desire and Action.


ARNOTT’s can have more sound market share in Australian market and with the help of such IMC plan they can make their good business image in front of their target audience. IMC objectives focuses on the future actions and shows that how business can grow with the help of such activities.

 Therefore the General Objectives of  IMC in Arnott’s involve:

1.To communicate with Target Audience: The target audience is the essential part for the success of company and their focus is to deliver them right message with use of proper media. Hence Integrated Market Communication is key factor which provide company  not only link with its customers but also generate long term relation with them. The basic things ARNOTTS will keep in mind while designing IMC objective include :

  1. What is the message to be given to target customers?
  2. Who will be the Target Audience?
  3. How the message will be delivered?
  4. Which sources will be used for conveying message?

2.To inform about benefits of product : The prime goal of the company is to serve best to their target audience which involve Children below 12 years. The message is conveyed in such a manner that the healthy food is also promoted so that customer should also focus over the benefits of the product. Benefits of biscuits should be explained which must involve:

  1. Ingredients of Product
  2. Usage of Product
  3. Health related benefits
  4. Taste and Flavors

4.1.2 TARGET AUDIENCE : ARNOTT’S brand is linked with the children and they are considered as their target audience. The products which are manufactured by the company can be consumed by any person but their special focus is over the Children as they want to provide them ‘healthy diet’ with use of the ingredients which they use for producing biscuits. The children are focused by  the brand because of the benefits of the biscuits. Usually children don’t like to consume healthy diet in natural manner. For which ARNOTT’S came up with the idea to produce something healthy and delicious. Therefore the biscuits are not only healthy and have many different taste and flavors which are manufactured for the children who are are under 12 years.

The general profile of Parents of Children which are Target audience of ARNOTT’s involve:



AGE : Parents who buy Biscuits for the Children Under 12 years

GENDER: Both male and female

INCOME: Higher and Middle level Income



International Segmentation :

ARNOTT’S is established and well renowned in Australia and manufacturing in New Zealand also. But with time they are leading various markets of different countries. Biscuits of the brand are shipped to 40 countries including Japan, USA, Canada, Indonesia and many more.



BENEFITS SOUGHT : Health conscious

LIFESTYLE: Believers and Achievers

SOCIAL CLASS: Target customers belongs to Urban and semi Urban Areas. (including East, West , North and South )




KNOWLEDGE: High knowledge of new products

BENEFITS : Health conscious, As Snack product

ADOPTERS : Easy Adopters

VALUE : Convenient


ARNOTT’S most preferable promotional tool is Advertising. By considering Client’s Strength and Weaknesses  Advertising can give direct message to the target customers and the impact of giving Ads through media has also great influence on the Customers. Ads are generally transacted through Radios, Third Party Mails , Print media and  Television. Ads of the biscuits can give:

  • Easy Attention of Customers
  • Goodwill of the Brand
  • Wide coverage of the Target Audience
  • Brand Loyalty

   The advertisement will be given by considering following factors:

  1. Under Australian Standards , the Biscuits shows the healthy food particles.
  2. Message given through Advertisement reflects the clear message whose direct impact is over the health of children i.e. convincing for ‘consuming healthy diet’.


4.2 Message Strategy

Message Strategy means the basic information that the company use to give details of its product to the Target Audience. For reaching to its ultimate audience it is must to choose right message because it bring direct influence on consumer to purchase the product. ARNOTT’S message is related to health as the product i.e. the biscuits which they are producing are related with healthy diet which every children should consume whosoever is below 12 years. The message itself is strong and so it also act as strength to give good market position. There are various types of message forms which help to attract customers out of which informative message strategy is being followed by the company. The company is giving not only healthy food to its customers but a very strong message is attached with the product itself i.e. to aware parents for buying healthy diets for their young children. Therefore Message of ARNOTTS is very clear and consistent and is focusing on creating awareness among children for taking food as healthy diet.

Message Strategy of ARNOTT’s is focusing on :

  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • Providing Healthy Diet to Children
  • Giving Knowledge to customers
  • Conveying Benefits of the product
  • Parent-child relationship
  • Consuming Safe and organic food

4.3 Message Execution

ARNOTT’s is using the attractive message execution strategy in which the promotional activities of the company act as tool to describe the content of message.




Execution Style : INFORMATIVE


Emotional Appeal can be best possible option for conveying message to the customers of ARNOTTS because the biscuits are consumed for health and parents buy the products which are good and safe for their children. The message clearly identifies the healthy diet which must be consumed by the children in form of tasty Biscuits.


The execution Style of message is informative because the  sole purpose of the company is to improve the diet of children by giving them healthy biscuits and to inform their parents that the ingredients of product include vitamins, fiber and minerals which their children can consume with  taste of different


 As, show in above image which is a promotional Ad made through the Print Media clearly describes the Message Appeal and Execution Style .

EMOTIONAL APPEAL AD                                 INFORMATIVE STYLE AD 



4.3.1 Promotional Media

Promotional Media involve the channels which will be taken as base to promote the product. It is always important to use right medium and to clearly identifying the pros and cons of each channel over the company and then to choose the best suitable Media.

The right promotional media for giving Ads of ARNOTTS are :





BROADCAST MEDIA : The Broadcast include :

  • Television : Television is one of the prime media source which can act as beneficial medium to convey the message of the product to its target Audience. The television Ads showing the Parental-Children relationship can bring Positive influence over the Target Audience and as such Ads gives visual impression so it become easy to attract customers. Some of the benefits of adopting Television as media of giving Ads is:
  1. High Reach : It can cover maximum customers at one time
  2. Audio-Visual Message : Both audio-visual can give positive impact to grab attention.
  • Long term effect of Ads : As compare to other mediums the customer show more interest to the Ads of TV’s.
  1. Creativity in the message : Celebrities can help to promote the brand and the most demanded and popular faces which are liked by children can also give positive influence over the brand.
  2. Effective and Personal impact : Television can give direct message in more effective manner.
  • Radio : Another media tool by which good impression on the audience can be found is through Radio Channels. Radio Ads can be useful because :
  1. Easy to grab Attention : Its very easy to grab attention of audience by conveying message in between the radio shows.
  2. Reach /Frequency of Ads is High : Ads given through Radio covers usually high frequency of customers.
  • Trust on the Ads of Radios: It is being researched that the customers have Trust on the Ads of Radios so it will be again good option to choose this media.

PRINTED MEDIA : The printed media is considered as the most cost effective and favorable kind of tool which will help to promote new product and it involves:

  • Newspapers : The most favorable type of print media is Newspaper because the Ads which are promoted through the newspaper can give direct influence to grab attention of reader. Positive impact of an effective Ad with use of animation or pictorial representation.
  • Newspapers can give :
  • Less Burden of expenditure on the company and it is also easy to handle such promotional activities.
  • Clear and Bold Ads with proper description are more effective.
  • Magazines : Another Suitable media is Magazines because Parents of the children usually prefer to read Magazines , specially Women therefore it is also preferable medium through which ARNOTT’s biscuits can be advertised. The Magazines can help to promote biscuits as:
  • Commonly purchased by the target audience which belongs to middle class and upper class.
  • The life span of reading magazines is higher as compare to newspapers.

4.3.2 Media Vehicle 

The Media Vehicles include the further categories of above mentioned media channels which will clearly identify the specific category or mode in which ARNOTT’S is going to give Ads of its biscuits. In simple words, Media vehicle is sub part to represent promotional activities of product and clear platform where the product will be promoted it can include any specific base like particular newspaper, any TV channel etc. 

  • Broadcast Media :
  1. Television : The channels of Television which will act as easy medium to attract its customers can be:
  • Cooking Channels: Lifestyle Food channel as well as many cooking shows can be used for advertising Biscuits. The company can Sponsor some of the shows which are of less cost.
  • Cartoon Channels: Cartoon Network Australia can be suitable because the children under 12 usually watch cartoons and thus promoting biscuits Ads in between can attract children. In such channels the Ads can be given by using Animated small Ads showing different flavors. Also the best option company can undertake to grab children interest is through highlighting small gifts with biscuits.
  1. Radio Channels : Radio National is most preferable for giving Ads because it is a channel which is not specific to some areas but helps to promote the product in every part of Country. The target audience can be covered with giving a single Ad in one channel only. Hence it will be cost effective as well as most highly reach medium.
  • Print Media:
  1. Newspapers: The Australian is most popular and has many reader in the country. So through Advertising in an Article of the Newspaper the company can cover the huge amount of readers.
  2. Magazines: Australian Good Food, Women’s Weekly Food are most favorable magazines which are commonly purchased by the Women. So being mother every women will focus on the Ads which will be highlighted over the health of the children. In other Words, the magazines can be used for promoting ARNOTT’s in which the Ads of biscuits will be given in such a way that the reader’s interest can easily be snatched. 


Media plan and scheduling is pre determination which is made by the company for purpose of market communication. In this the plans are made in advance with the commencement of the year in which it is specified that in which month the Ads will be given in Higher frequency or Vice versa.

ARNOTTS is manufacturer of Biscuits and this product is consumed by the consumers in every season. Hence the continuous Media Plan is most suitable as by using this Plan the Ads will give constant revenue to the brand. For maximum period of time the Ads will remain constant. Advantages of Media Scheduling :

  • Constant Revenue : Constant Revenues can be generated if the advertisements will be published with proper schedule. The brand can earn well and further re invest the profits for future growth.
  • Minimization of Expenditures : As the production of the biscuits will be raised on the other hand cost of per unit can be minimized.
  • Long term Growth of business : Continuity of the brand will raise the market share of the company.
  • Positive impact over the Customer’s loyalty : More the sales, more will be the customers and thus positive influence on their trust can be attained.
  • Competitive Advantage : It can also help to raise advantage over the competitors.

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