Innovation Management at Apple Company

Innovation Management at Apple Company

Attributes to the Success of Apple

Innovation Management at Apple CompanyApple has been successful because of the well-strategist business logics. Through designing strategic moves such as sensational market timing, the company has gained a large market base. Besides, it has carried out experiments in markets outside its core business. It has also resolved to sell and distribute its products directly to the consumers, which lead to successful commitment to excellent products, the ability to do design thinking and intellectual courage.

Systematic Approach to Innovation at Apple

The company has a strategized approach to innovation through its well-designed product development. It involves design integrity driven by the views from the customers. I would characterize this form of innovation as process improvement because they use technology to improve its products fueled by the consumers’ views. This type of change cannot be imitated because the employees do not leak the future products to the competitors meaning that no one can imitate them.

Type of Business at Apple

At first, Apple mainly sold computers and other hardware connected to them, but in 2007 everything changed when they came out with their first mobile device. Since then, the company continues to bring out new devices each, all of which faced great success. Therefore, Apple is in the innovation business because it aims at transforming products to suit the changes in the contemporary world.

Competition at Apple

Apple is vulnerable to competition because of the recent change in the management. The new CEO has introduced quite a few new changes that are difficult to adjust to, which may make the company weak before other big corporations. The changes have also led to misunderstandings among the employees when it comes to execution of tasks. Competitors can take advantage of this situation by hiring high-quality employees from Apple. To overcome this vulnerability, Apple can involve its employees into the decision making process to keep their interest in the job. It can also roll out training sessions for the employees so that they can work in unity to achieve the set goals and objectives. This solution will enable the company to have a well-defined vision, which will remove competition.

Role of CEO in an Organization

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is an essential part of the personnel in the organizational operation. The CEO is the head of a company who is responsible for managing its work and other managerial actions. Steve Jobs fell within this definition because he assisted in the innovation process at Apple through his sensibility and confidence in creating the business. He was able to come up with ideas which changed the company for the better and helped it make high-quality products. Steve Jobs was different from the other leaders because he did not attend university as other managers do. He gained such a success because he was more focused on appealing to the customer and creating useful yet innovative devices. After his death due to respiratory arrest, Tim Cook has become an influential leader at the company. He has improved the unity among the employees and rolled out programs that have enabled the employees to gain more knowledge on their responsibilities.  Moreover, he has overseen its success regarding increased market share all over the world. The company has been able to have a total of 362 retail stores, which are visited by over one million customers daily. Because of such expansion, the company has successfully increased the share price by 60%.

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