Information Technology in everyday life

Information Technology in everyday lifeFrom the Stone Age, where man used to hunt for his food, to a paid trip to space, human civilisation has progressed a lot in quite a short span of time, and if we were to regard one thing that this development depended upon, it is without a second’s though the role of computing and internet which plays one of the most important part in the progression. But let us see how important internet, or computers and Information technology is in the daily lives of ordinary people.

Almost every communication or interaction we have with the world around us, has some sort of communication technology involved in the process, be it chatting to someone on social networ5king websites, or be it purchasing something on an E-commerce website, everything that we do, involves this increasing trend of Information technology.

The term Information technology means the use of Computers and telecommunication equipments to store, recollect, transmit and manipulate data. In laymen terms, information technology means the assistance of computers and related technology in our everyday life. Businesses use IT for professional advantage to compete in a globalised market, ordinar5y people use IT for their normal household chorus, government uses IT to help people in different way, students, employees, almost every human living in urban parts of the world, is in some way or the other touched by Information Technology.

Information Technology in everyday life       Let us now see how technology affects the people in their everyday lives

  • Use of IT for business: every business house, whether local or global, uses Information technology for some or the other purpose, whether for efficient uses of resources, or reaching a wider market, or for something as simple as keeping a daily record of employees. IT helps business to achieve higher profits resulting from proper utilisation of resources and the availability of global resources because of the World Wide Web.
  • Use of IT in Education: Information Technology is widely being used in education and related sectors, again the factor being the World Wide Web of networks and information that the generation is blessed with. Need to study a topic, just enter the topic in the search engine and even before you can blink, you’ll be flooded with information which is both relevant and mostly accurate. Universities use IT to keep a track of students, manage intakes, and process all forms of interpersonal communication through the Internet.
  • Use of IT in Banking Sector: The banking sector uses IT to make it easier for its customers to continue transacting from any part of the world, E-banking and the network of ATMs all across the world have made lives of the people easier in way more than one can imagine.
  • Use of IT in shopping: With new E-commerce websites mushrooming every other day, shopping is not a tiring activity anymore, one can purchase (or even sell) anything from the comfort of their bedroom, all one needs is an internet connectivity and device to access the internet.

These are just a few glimpses of how IT touches our lives every day; however, the real involvement of information technology in the lives of people is beyond comprehension.