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Date Due:

  • Assignment Date: Monday 6November  2017 – 5pm  ( I have given you a week’s extension to the Unit Outline). 


  • Submit your completed Case Study Assignment to the Assessment blackboard link :  Assignment 2 : Case Study Assignment
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Final Business Report Format Requirements:

  • Font: Calibri
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  • Approx 4000 – 4500 words

Important Tips: 

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  • The majority of your written work should be your own words. 

Guidelines for Report Writing:

Please make use of the CBS writing and study skills support.

Information Systems Service OperationThe Case Study Assignment:

I have a provided a case with very limited information. This is often a common scenario when dealing with small to medium businesses. Often specific issues are a focus for concern, rather than an overall view of the business. This type of assessment means that there is no one defined solution and ensures individuality in your completed assessments.

This assignment may be submitted as an individual piece of work or as a pair work i.e. 2 students.

If presented as a pair assignment – students must each indicate how each member contributed to the assignment. The contribution must be emailed to the UC separately by each student at the time of submission.  If a student fails to contribute equally to the assignment, a student may receive a different mark to this co-contributor.


Bentley Beverage Services

The Case Study :Australian Premium Produce


particular informations

Bentley Beverage Services traditionally provided supplies of Western Australian premium locally produced products (foods and alcoholic drinks) across Australia as a wholesaler. Re-badged as Australian Premium Produce, a period of growth in the last five years has resulted in their market  expanding to include products from the other states and territories.  As well as the domestic market, products are now shipped globally to retail outlets across Asia and the U.S.A. and Canada. Customer representatives are required to deal with both producers and sales queries as well as scan the marketplace for new products. To enable close relationships with their suppliers it was decided that a customer representative be situated in Perth (head office), Melbourne and Brisbane.  Stock is held in warehousing facilities in each state and products shipped on demand. The customer representatives were initially employed on a contract basis whilst the business grew which resulted in a BYOD situation. They are alsofrequently travelling and require good mobility and data in real time. The business growth has resulted in piecemeal applications, poor processes and is impacting the business.

The business owner has hired you as a consultant to advise him on the following aspects in relation to his business and IT arrangements:

  1. The customer representatives require data in real time which includes inventory levels, pricing and its location. They are concerned about currency of information. The owner believes there may be a problem with the different warehouses holding stock and managing order completion. Orders are lodged in a central system but are dealt with locally by the relevant office dependent upon the product. What could you advise the owner about business processes that may help him and what kind of management is required (hint: governance, strategy, tactical, operational including processes).
  2. The owner of the business is concerned about mobility and BYOD issues, particularly security and risk. How would you address the owner’s concerns.

3.Currently the small number of staff have access to all the applications that are utilized including the accounting systems, the exception being payroll which is completed by the owner. What are your recommendations?

  1. How should he manage the IT services, cloud/ outsourcing from his end. What IT staff does he need? How should they be managed?
  2. How would you advise the owner in regard to “service operations“ for his business. Whilst he has addressed several specific items these represent his current concerns and are part of a larger issue.


You must construct an initial report that is customized to Australian Premium Produce which addresses the concerns expressed by the business owner but in which you should consider the owner’s needs beyond those factors. How he should consider framing his concerns in the overall need of the business. Given that this is an initial report you may frame questions which require further clarification from the owner or indicate that therecommendation is based on particular informations and may vary dependant on other information.

The report provided must be informative and requires a logical structure. Your conclusion should prioritize the advice for the owner to enable him to create a plan for the future.

You may direct questions to me for clarification if needed.