Information Knowledge Effective Decision Makingg

Information Knowledge Effective Decision Making is very important to make decision within the organization. In fact, the success or failure of decision depend on the information. A good information can help to reduce the labor cost or making the operation more efficient and improve customer services. In order to ensure an effective decision, manager need to have some kind of information that can be analyzed into three levels. Information Knowledge Effective Decision MakingThere are strategic, tactical and operational information. To get the highest effective decision, the company need to know information about competitor, consumer and market(academia, 2015).

Strategic information:

Directors and senior managers always use this type of information to plan the organization’s overall objectives and strategy. Making the plan for future so the report of forecast sales growth or profitability and market share is very important. In recent years, the Vietnamese food market have growth rapidly with billion profit. Vietnam have more 90 million people so the number of mobile network subscribers increased quickly day by day. It is great potential to expand business and attract new customer(academia, 2015).
The market share of Mehran remain the market leader with the majority of market share. However, in recent years the market share dropped sharply from 29, 11 % down to 17, 9. The development of competitor especially the main reason for this. Therefore, the board of manager should have more policy and strategic plan to recover the business of Mehran (ibid).

Tactical information:

Itmainly use at middle level of manager. The main purpose of tactical information is support manager or supervisor manage and control some activities such as pricing, purchasing, distribution and stocking. There are some tactical information that manager must know such as a twelve-month budget of sales analyzed by production department or the plan for next month. Especially, human resources manager want to know information about employees to support the training(academia, 2015).
The number of stations of Mehran (Mehran History, 2013) the revenue of Mehran from 2005 to 2013 (Mehran History, 2013) 1.2.3 Operational information:
Itis used by ‘front-line’ manager such as supervisors or head clerks to ensure that specific tasks are planned and carried out properly within a factory or office etc. (Management: Communications and Achieving Results). The main operational information of Mehran is machine output statistics, delivery schedules, list of customer complaint etc. Mehran is a Food services company so the equipment to build and operate network is very important. This is the reason why the company always check and maintenance to ensure everything run smoothly. The quality of services according to food companies own evaluation have improved in recent years(academia, 2015).

Internal and external sources of information

Internal information

It is necessary for all management level in any organization. It is useful for making decision in the organization. In Mehran, there are many sources of internal information include the accounting ledgers, personal and payroll systems, production department and marketing department. The internal information can be expressed document, report or anything related to make decision affect inside of organization. These are various types of example: the annual report, income statement, the attendance sheet and so on. For example, the human resources manager manage the employee attendance sheet or having access to payroll system of company to manage staff’s activities.
For information about customer, manager can access information from marketing department or customer care services(academia, 2015).

Information Knowledge Effective Decision Making

External information

It is information from the outside parties including customer, supplier, and government and so on. It emanates from official and unofficial sources but most of external sources from government statistics, trade association commercial, newspaper, the internet and other electronic sources. This source of information is very important to help company make decision and solve the outside factors. Customer always is an important external information sources because their feedback or complaint will help company to improve the quality of product and services. Then the manager will understand what customer need and make decision. Secondary data is also useful sources of external include newspaper, internet, and televisions. Manager can know many information about new policy or the situation of stock market. In addition, company have many ways to collect information and date. When manager want to get a lot of information from people quickly, he or she can organize the questionnaire and survey. This method is easy to analyse and compare data. Another method is manager can create a focus group with ten people then they can discuss together. The information from this group is a useful resource for manager. A good sources information is also depend on the structure of organization. A large organization will have many level of management. In the strategic management, manager usually use more of external information to make decision and create planning more than lower level. In the hierarchy structure, decision maker always require good information from different department for taking decision. In conclusion, the effective of information depend on the quality of sources and the skill for sender to collect and analyze data(academia, 2015).Order Now