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Individual Reflective Plan Assignment Help is aiming to conduct a detailed self reflection and through analysis of the concepts and theoretical underpinning s which are understood during this unit. There are different task in this reflective assignment and each task is aiming to assess abilities and short comings in a student. This is an individual reflective plan and there are various long term goals and objectives which get fulfilled Individual Reflective Plan Assignment Helpthrough this reflective assessment and it can help the student to develop his or her career and profession. A self reflective assessment can also be considered as a monitoring and controlling activity which would enable a student to take of stock of individual learning s made so far and identifying areas where they need to improvise themselves.

It was identified by me that there are certain areas in my speech which requires attention and improvement management and it is planned by me that this would be one of my priority areas of improvement. First area is my pronunciation and accent of my essay English which is very heavy and thick and it makes me sound very different and at times aggressive as well among my peers. I asked my closest of the friends and colleagues to take a close notice of my pronunciation and teach me where and how to change it. This is my methodology to ensure that i am corrected at a real time basis when i am making a mistake in my pronunciation (Moore and Parker, 2012).


This approach is especially effective in case of developing abilities like speech and pronunciation because a real time identification of the difference and then making correction immediately would help in improvement. This approach is a simple and effective way because it does not require specific classes, lectures, demonstrations and group activity to improve in this area. It is a very simple one on one conversation approach where one of the members is teaching another member and helping them in improving.

Article analysis is a research paper related skill and ability which enables a researcher to conduct a thorough analysis of a literature or reviewing a article and extracting the information which is of essence.  This is a skill which I was not fully aware of before joining this course module and I was not fully sure about its implications in my future professional role. However once i went through different individual assignments I realised how important it is to conduct a proper analysis of a literature or an article. For any subject there are millions of online and offline managing resources which can have information but to identify the resources which are credible and valid in a research project is a skill which can be learned through a systematic manner only. In order to understand this aspect I learned about the complete research methodology and also familiarized myself with the concepts of a primary research and secondary research (Montana and Bruce, 2008).


This particular learning was very helpful for me as it cleared a lot of concepts for me. First and most important thing which gained my attention was that learning basic theories and fundaments of a qualitative and quantitative research and primary and secondary research business cleared many confusion. I was under the impression that a qualitative research does not include any numerical calculation while a quantitative one always includes them. This confusion got cleared after reading the theories and at the same time this approach of development helped me in gaining some opportunities to apply this knowledge in practical applications. Working on this task also helped me in identifying the importance of referencing, publication years and credibility of the resource and qualification of author etc (Hartley, 2003).


In order to develop and understand business acumen it is very important that I should be able to read, understand and draft business documents. I observed that my skills in reading and understanding them are much better but I was not sure about the language and format in which a business document is drafted. It can be said that this lack of skill was due to my non exposure to the business activities before my joining the course and neither had I ever come across to reading or drafting one. I went online and analysed a few samples of business document and understood the language and flow in which they were written. It was also pinpointed by me that entire language in a business document is written in third person form.  Getting involved in this group task helped me as well in understanding, analysing and drafting business document as were required to make reports and their language was purely academic and business like (Hamby, 2007).


It was found that working on this group task opened doors for many members of the group who never had practical exposure of noting minutes of the meeting and making a proper and format report for the same. Initially it appeared to be a tedious job with no practical usage but later it was explained by team leader that why it is important to have skills of developing a business document. It was also mentioned by him during the team meet that keeping a record is also a healthy habit in a business and after a certain period of time these records are of very high value since it enables us to go back and check on any fact readily (Paul and Elder, 2007).


Oral presentation was a part of this group task in which all team members collectively prepared a power point presentation and presented their findings through a combination of slides and narration. In this activity we coordinated the business report which is being displayed in the power point presentation with the explanation which we gave in our narration. Both were complementing each other and it also helped us in informing our audience how our project would give a contribution in increasing the knowledge base about subject matter.

As an individual making oral presentation was a one of the biggest challenge for me academically because i was not confident enough to say in front of audience and public speaking always made me nervous because of my thick accept and at times i tend to pronounce a few words wrong. However as it was required we all worked together in this project and we were excited to present our findings and mark our contribution in the project.


In order to make a good oral presentation we worked very hard and practiced entire presentation many times. We took care of the time period in which presentation has to be made and at the same time we also arranged for the coordination and flow of presentation and decided which part should be followed after the previous one. This way we made sure that our presentation should not look awkward and abrupt. We also included some graphical presentations and diagrams in our presentation to make it interesting and easy to comprehend for all. All these aspects and skills were learned over the period of time and they were implemented and included in presentation. While making my presentation I asked my team mates to identify where I get unconfident or I stammer in my words and in those area i spoke slowly and effectively next time (Gido & Clements, 2006).


Three benefits which I enjoyed working in a team were as follows, peer review, real time correction, moral support and getting benefits from competencies and skills of other team members. Entire team was a balanced and well designed collection of people who belong to different cultures, communities, genders and they had different skill set as well and we all had a good learning opportunity from each other (Le Cornu, 2009).

Three problems which we faced while working in team was as follows, miscommunication was the biggest challenge because each team member had a different level of understanding and they were also having different mother tongues. Second problem which we faced was difference in attitude towards the project report and its importance because as an individual each member had different priority and different perception of the importance of a group project. Third problem was bias related to communication as some of the team members belonged to conservative cultures and it took us some time to speak to the opposite gender confidently and openly as we were not used to of all that.


First thing which i would do differently is to start building the team from the day one when project is allocated and make sure that each lead team member gets to know each other before hand. Secondly i will also ensure that there would frequent meetings and they would be scheduled on time and followed strictly. I would also encourage some informal gatherings of the team and socializing so that there would be more familiarity among members and they would also get to know about each other’s behaviour, abilities and shortcomings before working together and judging each other. Lastly i would also appreciate if there would be a balance in gender and a female would be given a chance to be a team leader.

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