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Independent Project Assignment Help project proposal should be no more than 5 sides of A4 type written using 12point Times New Roman Justified text. It should consist of the following sections, with the following numbering scheme:

  1. Project Title

Ideally this is a brief title describing the main project theme.

e.g. the effect of micro silica on the properties of concrete

  1. Name and Programme of Study

Clearly identify your name, the programme of study

  1. Background

Independent Project Assignment Help | Independent News & Media PLCThis section describes the facts, figures, technical background and any other information that is needed to define the project being undertaken. Minimum 4 journal papers/thesis needs to be used as references. The aims of the project should be justified in terms of their relevance in a technical/commercial/social context, given the financial and time constraints placed on the project. Previous work in the area should be described, along with an explanation of how the proposed project builds on this work. Any special features of the project should be identified (e.g. industrial involvement, commercial potential, novel applications, intellectual property rights) and described in detail.

3.1 undertake a critical review of key references

This section provides a critical review of the results of the various references on a specific issue which should lead to define the aim of the research. 

  1. Aims of the Project

The aim is about what you hope to do, your overall intention in the project. The aim of the work i.e.  The overall purpose of the study should be clearly and concisely defined e.g.

Aim of this research is to develop an FE approach to simulate the floor-to-floor joint in order to establish an analysis method to design connections between slabs to prevent progressive collapse in the event of removing underlying wall support in the precast concrete cross wall structures

Independent Project Assignment Help | Independent News & Media PLC

The objectives, and there are usually more than one, are the specific steps you will take to achieve your aim. This is where you make the project tangible by saying how you are going to go about it e.g.

  1. To carry out a series of experimental study to understand the pull-out behaviour of ties into keyways of precast slabs, and investigate the strength, ductility, and robustness of floor slab joints;
  2. To perform numerical simulations to reproduce the laboratory tests of pull-out and full scale floor-to-floor joint tests;
  3. To perform parametric numerical studies to propose general analysis and design guidance.
  1. Methodology

This section explains how the problem was investigated and why particular methods and techniques were employed. Accounts of the procedure, size of sample, method of selection, choice of variables and controls, and tests of measurement and statistical analyses, if any, should be provided. 

  1. Plan of Work

This should include a timetable of events with brief explanatory notes. A critical path should be identified, if it exists. Each activity should include an estimate of the time needed to complete the element. It is vitally important to ensure you plan for lead times on items that require purchasing or manufacture. Your plan should clearly identify the progress you expect to have made at the time of the interim report. A planning chart (Gantt chart), of the type shown below, may be useful to help you identify when different tasks will need to take place. 

  1. Resources

Any costs above the specified expenditure limit of the project should be identified here if possible, and will be subject to the application for Revision of Project Expenditure Limit. This section should also describe particular laboratory facilities/access or equipment that is required. 

  1. Appendices: Risk Assessment
  2. Consideration of Need for Ethics approval 

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