Improving Business Operations In Service Adhesive

Improving Business Operations In Service Adhesive


Assignment Title: Improving Business Operations in Service Adhesive

Assignment Hand out date:

Marking Scheme included


85  –  100 Excellent

Response is clear,logical, and organized developed subject. Every point mentioned is clearly supported by strong evidence from the case study and personalized opinion. The analysis shows a strong relationship between the evidence and the subject.

70  –  84     Good

Response follows a logical organization, but sometimes drifts from the subject. There is evidence to support almost every point. The analysis followed explains how the evidence supports response in most cases

50  –  69     Average

Response has a minimal organization and follows a basic statement without highlighting details. Though, the use of evidence is minimal, but it does support the response. The analysis of the evidence stretches its meaning to support the response and misjudgements of the topic addressed may appear.

25  –  49     Below Average

The main points of the response are ambiguous. The evidence provided does not support the response and misjudgement of the topic addressed appear. The analysis of the evidence does not support the response at all.

0  –  24       Poor

The response is unclear with no organization. The response does not attempt to use evidence to support the question. The response does not attempt to explain how the evidence relates to the question. 

Learning Outcomes from this Assignment 

Improving Business Operations In Service AdhesiveService Adhesive Ltd is a mid-sized company founded over 20 years ago to produce specialist adhesives, mainly used in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business, where any adhesive had to be guaranteed ‘non-irritating’ (for example, in personal care products) and definitely ‘non-toxic’ (for example, in food-based products). Largely because of its patented adhesive formulation, and its outstanding record in developing new adhesive products, it has always been profitable. Yet, although its sales revenue had continued to rise, the last few years had seen a slowdown in the company’s profit margins.

After reading this case study, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and evaluate the stages involved in the business transformation of an organization and understand the importance of organizing and motivating teams for initiating the change process;Within this context student will be able to critically analyze and define the improvement plan adopted by Service Adhesive ltd.
  • Critically evaluate the successful implementation of improvement initiatives for a wide range of organizational problems and understand the tools and techniques adopted by Service Adhesive ltd to increase the success of the improvement project
  • Identify difficulties and roadblocks that hamper the effective deployment of management decisions as presented by the case study.
  • Develop case study analysis skills (specifically, identifying critical issues in case studies and applying course material to case studies 


Any enterprise, regardless of size, product or service, is one to which operational improvement mindset is essential to be applied. For this assignment, you shall critically analyze the situation addressed in Service Adhesive ltd during the management team effort to improve business operations.

As a guideline, to complete all the milestones listed below your assignment shall be limited to 6,000 words in length (double spaced) and it is necessary to also include managerial implications and guidelines for applying a business transformation project. At the very least your assignment shall include the following elements:

  1. Case Study Description

Describe the current business operations approach of the Service Adhesive ltd and how the need for improvement emerged

  1. Improvement Initiative Roadmap adopted by Service Adhesive

Please critically describe the improvement initiative roadmap adopted by Service Adhesive in order to improve their operations.

  1. Team Work Motivation and Employee Empowerment

Please critically describe team work motivation and employee empowerment approach adopted by Service Adhesive ltd

  1. Risk Register and Time Schedule Report

Identify anddescribe potential risks in order to ensure maximum success of the Service Adhesive improvement project. In addition, create a realistic time schedule report.

  1. Conclusion and Management Implications

What would you recommend to the Operations Director of Service Adhesive for further improving their operations and sustain any changes made;

?    While filling the risk register template, make an estimation on potential risks that may appear during the operational improvement phase.

?    Do not focus your reports in financial (budget) and technical details, as these are not available in the case study. Instead concentrate on managerial facts and information provided on the case.

?    You may use the provided Risk register template as well as the Time schedule template for your support, or create your own ones. 

Grading Criteria for Product Development case study

Case Study Description10%
Improvement Initiative Roadmap adopted by Service Adhesive20%
Team Work Motivation and Employee Empowerment20%
Risk Register and Time Schedule Report20%
Conclusion and Management Implications20%
Professionalism demonstrated through grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and organization10%

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