Improve Working Conditions Organization

Improve Working Conditions Organization

Improve Working Conditions Organization is a solution of Improve Working Conditions An Organization in which we discuss the leaders have to make sure that all the teaching staff are convinced that change is inevitable in order to have better working conditions.

Improve Working Conditions OrganizationPrior to all this, the leaders have to make sure that all the teaching staff are convinced that change is inevitable in order to have better working conditions in the organisation. Next step involves the process of change that is to be brought in the firm. As recommended by McAleese et al. (2013, p.117), change must be brought into the organisation in terms of aiming objectives related to greater profit, while keeping in mind the interests of the workers. In no case, should the employees feel that their interests are being underestimated. Otherwise, resistance may be brought into the organisation, which is an important factor in hindering change in the strategies of the work plans of the organisation.

As argued by Teeratansirikool et al. (2013, p.169), the best way of combating the resistance, is to develop communication between all the sections of the organisation. Timmermans and Tavory (2012, p.168) also added that any provisions of change, which may be thought by the teaching staff to be trifling with the interests of the teaching staff, may be modified according to the conclusions that is met in the forms of discussions, or debates (Archibald and Archibald, 2015, p.465).

The final step that is involved in the proposed three stage cycle of Lewin’s model of change, is refreeze, that implies that the rules, which are framed in order to bring change, are being followed in the organisation. This involves serious monitoring of the conduction of the working procedures. If any case of violation of rules is noticed, strict steps are to be taken. The productivity of the educational organisation can be increased, when the leaders ensure the learners high quality of their products.

This can be achieved, according to Hill et al. (2014, p.876), by making it sure that the teaching staff are working dedicatedly in terms of deliverance of excellent finished goods. Modern technology must be brought in the overall functional strategies of the educational organisation. Electronic records of the teaching staff, as well as the ways the functional processes are carried out, are kept regularly. While recruiting new teaching staff, the faculty management has to make it sure that the teaching staff have a knowledge of the module that they supposed to follow in the college.

The existing teaching staff must be trained adequately, so that they are too able to conduct the tasks accurately.  Strict monitoring of all the teaching sessions must be made throughout the change process, as well as after the phase of change. Any problem that arises before, during, or even after the change that is brought in the organisation, must be eliminated immediately and adeptly. It is also important to get feed backs from the learners in terms of the quality of the products.

Improve Working Conditions An Organization must have feedback cells

where the students can place their experiences and complaints. In addition to these steps, the learners also have to be asked about their feelings, while undertaking the courses that OSAC International College deliver. If any changes in the courses of the college occur, then the faculty management of OSAC International College may promote through the extensive use of print media, as well as the internet. Use of posts on the online portal of college website is, in the opinions of Czabanowska et al. (2014, p.854), an effective process to disseminate the characteristics of a new syllabus to be taught. The OSAC International College also could set up attractive offers at the time of admission to their college. This shall enable the educational organisation to achieve a greater hold of the learners in their college. The learners also shall feel confident in studying in this educational organisation.

Besides this, the faculty management section of OSAC college has also implemented the 8-step model of change management, as propounded by Kotter in 1996. In order to make change successful, the leaders have at first attempted to create a situation of emergency, which is bound to convince the other employees of the educational organisation that change is inevitable in order to bring prestige to the college. This has been followed by, as suggested by Choi and Ruona (2010, p.1534484310384957),  formation of a powerful coalition, which has ensured that any kind of resistance from the employees of the OSAC International College shall be restricted by the coalition. The leaders have next framed a vision for the organisational change, which shall bring the much awaited success to the educational objective of the college. The leaders have also eventually propagated the vision to the employees, so that it may be easier for the leaders to convince the workers of the organisation to understand the significance of the change.

All these steps had made it necessary for the leaders to take care whether any problems have arisen. In case of situations that were likely to hinder change, had been tackled in an effective manner. The areas in the organisation, which were likely to rise to obstructions to change, were identified and removed as soon as possible. Short-term goals had been framed, in order to instill confidence among the staff of the educational organisation, both teaching and non-teaching, while conditioning their minds to achieve long-terms goals. Next the leaders had framed certain strategies in the organisation to bring change in the workplace that would surely benefit the employers, as well as the employees of the college. Finally, in order to adhere to the changes that have taken place, the leaders have taken, in the opinions of Appelbaum et al. (2012, p.775), the responsibility of encouraging the employees to think of new ways to usher progress in the entire educational organisation. Hence, the model of Kotter, for implementing as well as managing the changes in eight structured steps have been quite helpful for OSAC International College to execute and carry forward the changes in their organisational working pattern.

Improve Working Conditions An Organization Based on wider implications against the enduring value propositions, what if in case OSAC International College does not accept proposal

The individual as the strategic consultant hired by OSAC International College, had set up certain strategies in order to help the educational organisation in its journey as it has decided to provide education to the global students. In this case, the individual had applied the model of change as propounded by Kurt Lewin, which is considered by organisational experts in the words of Freling and Forbes (2013, p.546).as one of the best model regarding change management. This involves that OSAC International College has to go through the overall process of its existing strategies, as suggested by Acs et al. (2016, p.7), in order to demarcate the areas, which need change most in terms of the infrastructure, as well as the working conditions of the workers. The individual has attempted to convince the managers regarding the steps to be taken by them, in order to ensure higher productivity of knowledge for the students, which is directly linked with higher rates of success, bringing in reputation and fame (Jacob et al. (2015, p.62). The individual had also recommended some strategies regarding the production processes, which would be helpful for the overall growth of the educational organisation. Many other processes, which would also help the management of OSAC International College to promote their courses, were proposed. In addition to all these suggestions, the individual had also suggested that the educational organisation could develop if the leaders pay heed to the interests of the teaching staff (Mitussis and Sheehan, 2013, p.52).

Improve Working Conditions Organization

The leaders of the educational institution are of the opinion that they would have to revise the entire work plan, if they are to bring in the process of change in the infrastructure of the organisation. Though the individual as the person responsible for being the strategic consultant hired by OSAC International College, have constantly tried to convince the leaders of the benefit the educational organisation would enjoy, after the change has been brought in the organisation. The management is of the notion that bringing in change into the working conditions of the educational organisation is not an easy task. Besides, they also fear that the workers may bring in resistance at the phase of change. The individual has presented the model of change as proposed by Lewin in order to bring a successful change in the educational organisation. Still, the  management is not able to rely on the rules set by the individual.

Hence, the individual has stated that the educational institution might face problems if the management did not abide by the rules set by the individual. The educational organisation, as stated by Mischel (2013, p.525), could face serious difficulties if they continued to remain in the same position in terms of the process of carrying the business forward. It may lead them to a drastic fall with a large number of learners in the same educational organisation. It would lower the educational organisation’s chances of competing with the other rival companies of the concerned educational institute (Teeratansirikool et al. 2013, p.177). Moreover, without the educational organisation’s efforts in bringing innovative educational policies in the global sector would lead to a loss of interest among the expectations of the learners. This would also lead to a loss in the business. All these factors would take a toll on the educational institution’s reputation, as well as the chances of their emergence in the educational sector would be marred. If the faculty management of this educational insitute do not take effective steps in order to bring back the educational organisation’s lost reputation, the educational organisation would slowly, but surely have a downfall in the near future.


This part of the assignment has focused on the current strategies of OSAC International College, as well as the rate of its improvement scale in education sector. The individual, as the Strategy Consultant for OSAC International College has proposed some strategies that are considered to be helpful in bringing change in the organisation, as well as uplifting the reputation of the educational organisation in the respective sector.

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