Importance Online Marketing Business Context

Importance Online Marketing Business Context  is a solution of Information Technology Strategy Assignment in which we discuss Improving sales and creating increased revenue are the only objective of a business organisation.

Measuring the importance of online marketing in business context on sales:

Importance Online Marketing Business ContextImproving sales and creating increased revenue are the only objective of a business organization (Jacaranda, 2012, p.44). A business is developed keeping in mind of various strategies with the likes of providing quality products and services, monitoring on pricing, taking competitive advantage in the market and marketing ability. As commented by (Vojtko, 2014, p.215)Marketing is such an important tool in a business that helps the business organisations constructing positive image in the market. The contemporary market is so competitive that it requires positive activities from the business organisations to substantial attention of the customers. Presently online marketing plays a vital role in reaching to the customers more than any other modes of marketing.

Internet marketing has the blessing of developed technology where the customers can get access of all their desired material in the comforts of their home and anywhere (Wang and Nadda, 2015, p.98). The business organisations choose to demonstrate the nature and services of their products through internet where the customers can get all the details regarding various brands and products. Effective marketing planning has the ability to construct positive consumer behaviour and thereby determining the buying decisions of the customers. Sales are improved through effective demonstration of products with clear implementation of strategies. It is not always possible for the organizations or companies to reach to various regional customers to make acquaintances of their respective products or services. People can best be made aware of different requirements of their choice through the benefits of internet marketing. The customers can easily commit their buying decisions checking all the information and details demonstrated in the pages of websites and other tools (Lagrosen, 2015, p.67).

Importance Online Marketing Business Context

Online marketing has numerous benefits to positively impact over the improvements of sale in the business contexts. The organizations can create a substantial customer base all over various regions. The companies have stores in various places what they need to do is to place advertisements of products and services in various portals, sites, emails etc. for the customers to check and choose their preference of purchase. They can easily avoid rush in the store and wipe out confusions regarding their purchasing materials. Some companies extend their service in e commerce business where people can shop online and do not have to go to the doors of the stores to check and purchase their desired materials. The online marketing has the biggest threat in handling the fraudulent activities. People are often cheated by so many illegal authorities who open websites and publish advertisements similarly copying from the authenticated ones. It has become a serious issue nowadays where credibility issues regularly hit the customers.

Sales can be invariably improved as the organizations can reach as many as customers from all over various regions. They can create customers from outside besides having strong local customers. Thus substantial revenue can be created through effective implementation of marketing and creating strong customer base.

Describing the activities executed through online marketing:

Digital marketing issues various activities in the objective of implementing various marketing strategies.
Advertising- Online marketing has the first and foremost aspect of issuing advertisements of various products and services. The customers need to get thorough information regarding products of their choice. Through advertisements the business organizations put the details of the products including their services, discounts, price and features. The organizations should make sure to promise sameness between the advertised products and available in terms of price and quality (Pashkevich et al., 2012, p.453). This is how the credibility from the customers can be earned. Online marketing afford to publish advertisements in various medium of internet that has a sophisticated impact in the minds of people. It is essentially the quality of advertisements that make first impression in the minds of the customers in terms of making their buying decisions.

Sales promotion- Amongst the online marketing activities sales promotion is another important aspect through which companies promote their products and services. As mentioned by Pera, Qumsiyeh and Ng (2013, p.191), in order to make substantial improvements in creating customer base, the companies need to engage PR activities, temporary price reductions, telemarketing, door-to-door calling. In order to execute sales promotion and expect customer attraction, the companies need to arrange attractive prizes and convenient discounts.

The organizations plan sales promotion in the objective of expanding the product and service acquaintance to the customers

Public relations- Dale Wilson (2013, p.392) argued that public relations strategy is another important part of integrated marketing communication where the organizations maintain favorable attitudes towards other organizations and their products.

The main objective of this strategy is to maintain good relationship with the customers, stakeholders and other concerned professionals. This is one of the most important ways how marketing can well be executed. According to Lin and Liao (2010, p.271), effective public relations are maintained in order to expect positive consumer behavior and the organizations can earn substantial credibility from the customers on their products and services. Integrated marketing communication has a huge impact in the implementation of marketing. Maintaining public relations is considered to be an important prospect in marketing as it substantiates positive image of an organization in the market.
Personal selling- As mentioned by Alberta, Berry and Levine (2013, p.401), online marketing has the objective of making potential customers aware of various products and services and substantiating position in competitive market. Personal selling is one of the important activities of online marketing communication. The organizations here afford to personally communicate and persuade the potential buyers to purchase their products. Business companies demonstrate the nature and features of their products and services through digital communication by which the loyal customers are persuaded to buy products (Northup and Mulligan, 2013, p.71)

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