Impact Online Marketing Sales |The Impact of Digital Marketing on the Business

Impact Online Marketing Sales |The Impact of Digital Marketing on the Business


The research study is assigned to identify the impact of online marketing on sales. The study demands discussion on the main objective of the organizations that is influenced by marketing. Marketing has a huge effect in the development of any business organization. The present scenario demands the adaptation of marketing strategy that can be issued through digital communication. People presently are engrossed with internet to fulfil their daily requirements. It has become an effective strategy for the business organizations to use online marketing to reach out to maximum customers to introduce their products and services. Marketing contributes to the recognition of the organizations and brands with their prospective features and services to the customers. Online marketing has the ensuing benefit of reaching out to customers through various medium.
Impact Online Marketing Sales |The Impact of Digital Marketing on the BusinessThe proposed topic of the study engages the assessment of the improvement of sale that is influenced by online marketing. In this case, the study involves the case study of Procter and Gamble to see its sales improvements. P&G is known to be a company of multinational consumer goods that is headquartered in Ohio, United States. The revenue it created in the year 2015 is US$ 76.27 billion (, 2016). The company issues production of various consumer goods with the likes of personal care, cleaning agents, foods etc. The number of employees working in P&G as per 2015 survey is approximately 1, 10,000.

Background of the study:

Business organizations have the main objective of how to improve the dimensions of sale with the progression of years. Various aspects are responsible within the context of a company or organization that stands behind its development. Amongst them marketing has the first impact in a business in terms of its proper recognition in the market. The study engages the business prospects of Procter and Gamble to identify and assess the measurement of the impact of online marketing on sales. The main problem statement of the study is to identify the activities related to online marketing and the way it contributes to the improvement of sales.

Research Rationale:

What is the issue- The issue remains in the proposed topic of the study with the fact related to the identification of the impact of online marketing on sales. The business organizations have been so far unable to implement the online marketing strategically to extract substantial sales. The issue accords with the business context of Procter and Gamble regarding how it can attain commendable improvements on sale by implementing online marketing.
Why is it an issue- The companies have to compete in the market with numerous rivals those are having same features and products. It has been identified that the companies face serious trouble in executing proper marketing strategies. This is due to marketing is not being adequately implemented to reach out to the wide range of customers. The Procter and Gamble with the lack of implementing various marketing strategies had to face a market decline of 5.6% in the year of 2015. The circumstance demands effective development in marketing strategies.
Why is it an issue now- It has presently become an issue, as the people are so engrossed with the functions and services of internet. The organizations need to think of the use of social media, web publishing of advertisements, email to demonstrate the information and details regarding their products and services (Weidman et al, 2015). It has been apparently mandatory for the business organizations to issue online marketing to reach out to maximum number of customers from all over different regions.
What can the research shed light on- The proposed research can shed light on the importance of online marketing. It projects the reason behind the improvements of sale implementing different activities and tools in online marketing. The study puts concentration on the discussion of extracting different benefits from online marketing and how customers can be attracted by implementing sophisticated strategies. It has also concentrated on how customers from various regions can be reached out through online marketing.

Research aim:

The aim of the research is to evaluate the impact of online marketing on the sales rate of business organizations. The research is dedicated to identify how companies can well reach out to its customers with the demonstration of their products and services through online marketing. However, the principal aim of this research is to identify the importance of online marketing on sales in the case of Procter and Gamble.

Research objective:

The research objectives are developed to help the researcher directing the research towards its proposed intention. The objectives in this study are as follows:

  • To analyse the activities related to online marketing for Procter and Gamble
  • To critically assess the sales growth being improved by online marketing for Procter and Gamble
  • To identify the challenges faced by P&G in incorporating online marketing to promote its business
  • To provide some recommendations for Procter and Gamble to avoid the challenges and difficulties it faces
Research questions:

The research questions are formed in order to execute the research to propose possible solutions against the problems and inquisition emerged in the present topic of the study. The questions are furnished below:

  • What are the online marketing activities that Procter and gamble continue?
  • What impacts does online marketing have on the sales improvements for P&G?
  • What are the possible challenges faced by P&G in introducing online marketing?
  • What can be the possible recommendations to make solutions for those challenges?

Impact Online Marketing Sales |The Impact of Digital Marketing on the Business

Significance of the research:

The significance of the research lies in the identification of the importance of online marketing. It stepped up to the cause of finding various prospects and benefits of internet marketing communication. The research attempts to assess how organizational sales can be improved through implementation of improved marketing strategies. The research also pointed out different execution of plans and methods in online marketing that can well communicate the potential customers.

Purpose of the dissertation:

The purpose of the dissertation is to highlight the importance of adopting updated marketing ability that can invariably increase the sales measurement. The purpose also issues capturing of customer base within business contexts by implementing effective marketing strategies. It has the main purpose of enhancing the marketing ability in business contexts to attract customers.Order Now

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