Impact of Technology Assignment Help

Impact of Technology Assignment Help

The rapid enhancement in the computing field have increased the privacy of individuals and avoided the data theft to the feasible level. The costs involved to store data and information processing are reduced. There is no need for the organization to create separate store rooms to store the data. The access to cloud computing can easily save the data and share the data to any number of people (Lee, n.d). The consumer trust is built and it is feasible for the organization to remain on constant touch with the customers. The infrastructure that is necessary to implement information technologies within the organization has indeed proved that the cost spent towards it is worth!

Impact of Technology Assignment HelpSeveral organizations have now decided to expand their services to global extent. In such a case, the organization cannot function if it tries to abandon technology. Here is one example to show how technology can ensure cost savings for an organization:

“For instance, the organization tries to export goods to customers in UK. In such a case, it is impossible to look into the demands in the market by direct visit. This will incur unexpected costs. On top of this, the organization will require skilful people who can handle people in various countries. Finding such people is not an easy task! This will again increase the costs and the organization would finally enter into a state of bankruptcy. These are solved and mitigated with the application of technology within the organizational environment. One can straightly use the information system belonging to the organization to obtain necessary information and direct the top management of the company to complete the export process.”

It is found that the organizations have been facing greater efficiency, higher productivity, quality service delivery, recreational benefits, quicker information retrieval and educational benefits. Here is one such example to show the positive impact (Baker, n.d). An employee is working in an information technology based organization and is simultaneously studying a course. In such a case, the person can access the web to collect ideas and materials for the course while the work is also accomplished within the given time frame. This is a serious advantage that shows that the media has stepped into the next higher level of recognition and support.

Several organizations have now modified their employment method. It is just because of the positive impacts faced by the organizations in the application of the technology in the operation management process. Telecommuting is the new form of employment where the employee can feel better flexibility, reduction in the job stress and increase in the satisfaction of the job (Lee, n.d). The services are handled at a faster pace and it has become less essential for the organization to employ people for a longer time. The resource management has become efficient and effective with the telecommuting process.

The usage of information technology has different impacts on organizations in the positive side for different industries. In today’s business environment, one can easily notice that there are several people who are interested to launch software solutions and technology solutions based companies due to the reason that the opportunities are vast. With single touch, it is possible to retrieve files pertaining to a particular subject. It is not possible to dedicate the complete time for organization. In such a case, there is a need for us to schedule our days. This is again becoming simpler with the IT in hand.

IT is not about money but about ease. Several groups of people are against IT assuming that there is a possibility for addiction to the technology or the complexity involved in a technology. Although the technologists have launched several technologies especially to ensure ease to the people, it is very evident that the technology can direct the people to greater extent and in an accurate manner too. The negative feedbacks of the technology might be due to the lack of knowledge on the usage. However, the positive feedbacks have outnumbered the number of negative feedbacks obtained from the society.

Upon further review of this subject, it is noticed that there is a psychological impact of these technologies. When your works become easier and you do not have to spend much time for the completion, it is obviously an elimination of burden and a stress – free work. The same happens and the people are eventually motivated. Likewise, when a person works in a different country and lacks touch with his family, information technology is the only gateway through which the interaction could be feasible. This shows that the digital divide has also been overcome.

From the ethical perspective, it is felt that the IT has guaranteed more flexibility and accountability. Although the credibility is lacking in certain areas, there are special tools that are meant to ensure security to the tasks that people perform. Also, IT eliminates ethical dilemmas that tend to frequently happen within the organizational environment. Businesses have identified that this is the perfect domain because this is found to rule the world tomorrow. It has eliminated the discrimination aspect and become more commercial. This is an added advantage. When it turns commercial, we can expect refined outputs at the end.

With respect to the discussion on the impacts of existing and future information technologies on individuals, society and national cultures, it is found that we cannot live a day without it. Every action that we do involves the presence of IT in it. Like any other thing, this also has negative impacts but we can definitely control them with a wide range of positive impacts that have reached the people and become a hit in the market among the intended focus groups.

We call information technology as the tool to connect the societies. In fact, the technology has remained as the factor behind the collaboration of various societies and countries. In today’s generation, IT is playing a key role. The upcoming years are found to display greater potential in the future. There is yet another reason or the impact of technology on culture. The market structure has been modified in such a way that the technology can be used as a tool to improve the production as well as the distribution. It is the entry of IT in the society that has reduced the unemployment rate to a greater margin. For instance, people are now working from home. The e-commerce market has given more opportunities to the societies to enhance the functions and carry the brand to a global level at an ease.

An individual who is wishing to start an e-commerce website can perform physical establishment, customer support, inventory management and distribution without the involvement of new human resources (Lee, n.d). This is going to save the money of the individual to the highest level because the individual can attain his plan as well as cut down unwanted costs that would be incurred upon creation of e-commerce website. This domain has indeed connected various societies.

Is it good or bad?

Impact of Technology Assignment HelpBased on the reviews and the information presented in the previous sections, it is very clear that the market and societies are improving with the application of information technology for their personal as well as professional uses. The advantage with the information technologies is the degree of freedom that is experienced by the individuals and organizations. The cultures are connected. It is rather easier to get in touch with people located anywhere around the world. The private life is never disturbed. The only complication is the knowledge in the usage of technology.

The knowledge on usage can be improved upon training or glancing on the manual. The exposure of the technology to vulnerability has reduced over the time since the demand has increased and the formation of new technology is expected to have greater scope. The probability of failure has been minimized. If the users are aware of the usage and the concerns as mentioned in the manual or on the web, it is possible to feel only positive impacts of the IT on the individuals, organizations and cultures. It is undoubtedly proved that the technology has created more substitutes so that people do not have to rely on one particular technology or face issues in choosing one to perform their operation.

The future technologies are expected to revise the social policy and enrich the technology design so that it will be even easier for handling them. Moreover, IT is now recognized as the primary sector with maximum scope. The risks and dangers are mitigated so that the impacts on the modern society as well as individuals are always on the positive side (Lee, n.d). The economical and social impacts have proved that the world would insist on the longevity of digital age and avoidance of conventional techniques to perform the operations in their daily life. Economic efficiency is improved and the cultural closeness is managed. The issues related to cross – cultural management are mitigated with the technology on hand for the individuals as well as organizations.

The impact is positive, growing and prosperous undoubtedly! Upcoming years will turn into technological age as per the study in this paper. The impact is on the growing phase and has reduced the possibility for the entry into shrinking phase in the future.

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