Importance Civics School StudentsImportance Civics School Students

Civics as a subject engages with the assessment and evaluation of how a society chooses to conduct itself and resolve disputes amongst its consistent members. It is of considerable importance for school students as without knowing how the society that they inhabit regulates itself and what are their rights and duties as members of that given society a student cannot and will not become a respectable and responsible member of the given society. Civics refers to educating the people. Importance of civics for schools students can be known by the fact that civics touches life of every citizen.

Civics gives school students a detailed insight into the political and legal process by which the country’s government is selected, by which its laws are legislated and by which it settles differences among its members. It usually assesses the socio-political system of a given country by separating it on the basis performed functions into three parts i.e Judiciary, Legislative and Executive, thus allowing them to get a detailed understanding of it. It also provides a condensed overview of the country’s Constitution and also the Preamble and explains the ideologies on the basis of which they were created. Additionally it informs students of their rights as citizens of a country and their duties towards it thus paving the way for them to become responsible members of society.

Importance Civics School Students

It may also go into the functioning of international organizations like the UN and its numerous subsidiaries and elaborate on their functions. This knowledge would enable students to be able to comprehend the world that we live in and solidify their understanding of it. Thus, although not a subject of much relevance after high school, Civics, nevertheless, is very important for school students.

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