Impact Business Assignment Help | Business Management Assignment Help

Impact Business Assignment Help | Business Management Assignment Help


Impact Business Assignment Help present report is going study about the impact of IT in the tourism industry. The report will analyse required factors by taking a tourism organisation named ‘Thomas Cook’. It is UK-based tourism company which implementing IT tools and software into the business environment. This study will find role of IT in business environment, Impact Business Assignment Help | Business Management Assignment Helpadvantages bring by IT for company, which elements are required to implement IT into business, risk occurrence due to IT in business and factors which are using for monitor risk.


Information technology has special significance in the tourism industry. In the present scenario, the tourism industry is using various high technologies for communication and information all around the world. ‘Thomas Cook‘ is a UK based Company which use Information technology for marketing, training of tourism, provide services through IT channels, service development and their distribution. Information technology is essential in order to undertake ever changing demands in tourism services. In this way ‘Thomas, Cook Company provides modern services to their customer by enhancing their services through current technology (Hjalager, 2010). The company is attracting the customer by its services and offers in order to accommodate modern technology.  The customers also get advantages such as they gain more information about the product, it provides ease of purchase tourism services and decision-making process is also very convenient for them (Hjalager, 2010). The industry also attracts the customer by directly dealing with them.


Nowadays Thomas Cook travel and tourism organisation are undergoing various cancellations and booking so these tasks are not so easy without the use of information technology. The demands of customers are various and ever changing. They expect more and more facilities from the tourism industry. IT provides some special tools to handle conflicting resources and fulfil the expectation of customers. The movement of people is not bound to the internal region only as they are going for the international tour, domestic tourism and national tourism ( 2012). Therefore, the company need to face various tangible and intangible elements. Information technology provides rest, relaxation, and opportunity to meet customers to growth their business.  Thomas Cook Company is now able to avoid damaging and expensive mistakes. There is some external factor which affects tourism services like some disaster can happen, these factors are controlled by Information technology ( 2012). In this way, it saves the future of Thomas Cook Company.


Information technology requires Thomas Cook is required to interact with different transportation means like- air, water and surfacing. The guests want to stay in hotels, caravans, Motel and Guest houses. Apart from this, some visitors are satisfied by educational theme or some other are satisfy by recreational or aesthetic etc. All such needs are properly fulfilled by implementing information technology tools. Thomas Cook Company requires proper planning to accommodate technical tools in their scenario ( 2011). Planning stage overlaps employees acceptance, customer and organisation acceptance.

Impact Business Assignment Help | Business Management Assignment Help

Cost estimation is needed to be undertaken by considering the budget of the company. IT is mainly implemented in company environment by installing software and tools. Before going to this step the company should be a model design plan according to their services and the model should present what are the product of the company, what are the key features wants to install, security criteria, payment gateways, user login, LAN or WAN etc. These software and tools have required some equipment like the personal server to avoid threats and attacks. Such new software and equipment are handled by staff and worker ( 2014). In this way, a complete training program must be planned by the organisation so that they are able to use equipment efficiently. Training programs must improve skills of employees and under control by top management.


The staff and employees of Thomas Cook use IT components in their workplace. They are used to find the requirement of the customer, find more consumer, booking and cancellation easily on newly developed technology. The staff directly contacts to consumers and offer them services and products. The marketing criteria are also enhanced and straight forward by using IT tools. Now, they are able to advertise offers on social media in order to closer with people. This lead to provide relaxation to employees of the company and their salary structure is also improved according to profit gain is also increases of underlying company ( 2010). Implementation of IT tools also improves flexibility to customers and suppliers. Customers are able to find complete information about the product, update with latest offers and discount, flexible to choose services. Their critical decision-making process is also going to convert easiness by using IT tools and techniques. Now the customer can perfectly plan their journey and make successful plan for meeting, health, leisure or relatives. Apart from this supplier can directly present their services without using a middle party ( 2010). It is very easy to find clients by using information technology. Clients and requirement are drawn out rapidly and suppliers are enabling to take more orders.Order Now

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