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Human Resource Information System Operational excellence, new products, services, business models, customer and supplier intimacy, improved decision making, and competitive advantage.

Human Resource Information System | HR Software | HR Software for IndiaHuman Resource Information System  – For assisting senior level professionals in the organization it includes DSS with special hardware and software applications. These are basically designed for particular senior level executive of an organization, which is easy to use and support need of external data (Kurtz, 2008). It helps the executive in determining the overall vision and scope of a strategy in solving business processes issues. It also helps in the situation of crisis and support strategic control. It can be stated that decision-making process includes three stages such as intelligence, choice and design.  For this process Management Information system provides the management with appropriate information for the effective decision making along with constant feedback on various operations of the organization. If the Management Information System is oriented towards financial information than it helps in decision-making process of various financial statements of the organization

The MIS generally required internal data sources and external data sources for processing and in return the system is capable in delivering demand report that is generated when someone requests for certain information about the operations (Wittmann, 2008).

It also helps in delivering exception report that is automatically generated when an unusual situation arises or management asks for sudden reports. It is also capable in delivering drill down reports that consists of detail information about a particular situation of an operation. Summary of previous day’s activities are provided by key inductor report and schedule report is produced periodically according to the time frame set by the management (Rocha, 2013). Management information system and executive support systems are the key systems that can be employed to feed the data related to customers in order to deliver their needs and requirements to the management team at a regular interval. This strategy is employed usually by collecting data on a constant basis and feeding it to the MIS system. This helps the organization in keeping themselves updated with the current market position and developing strategies for the upcoming products or services for the customers (Sekaran, 2006).

Human Resource Information System | HR Software | HR Software for India

P 2.2 Evaluate the suitability of information systems for different functional areas of your chosen organization.

Different information systems are suitable for different departments according to the need and requirement of the department for various operations. If Management Information system is considered then it is effective in catering the requirements of senior, junior and middle level managers in various decision making processes, as handling the data manually and processing it again and again will take a lot of time and will be a cumbersome process for the managers that will directly affect the productivity of the operations (Zammuto, 2005). Therefore, MIS are employed do the analysis for managers. Human Resource Information System on the other hand is useful in tracking the records of human capital of the organization. Regularizing their attendance, performance check, calculating salaries is a tough task if done manually. Therefore, human resource information system is a cost effective measure for every organization for managing their human capital in an effective manner (Robinson, 2005). This system also helps employees in self servicing their needs they can track their record anytime, transaction records, salary slips, and time off balances at their convenient time. Data Warehouse System is suitable for big organizations who handle a lot of data for their different business operations. In order to handle such a large amount of data, Data Warehouse systems are an appropriate measure for placing the data in an organized and structured manner. Through Data Warehouse systems management team gets the flexibility of accessing the data whenever there is a requirement that saves a lot of time and efforts (Wood, 2009). These systems are also capable of answering to ‘what if ‘condition and therefore thus add on to its suitability for the organizations.

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The suitability of executive support system and decision support system is limited to the management of the organizations when they are required to analyze the internal and external factors on a regular basis. These systems are suitable for organizations that operate in an environment where uncertainties are usual and they have to operate in regular changing environment like stock market, commodity or currency exchange.