Hnd Global Business

Hnd Global Business

1 Planning-Action Plan
1.1. Likely resources to be used
We can, through such as TV, network and books to get the information we need, we can also take a questionnaire survey to obtain first – hand information of users, for example The questionnaire for Collins

What you are now using Financial Products?

*personal saving
*The national debt funds
*Real estate

Do you know any accounts?

*Very clearly
*Not very clearly
*lack of understanding

Do you know what are the basic bond?

*Very clearly
*Not very clearly
*Lack of understanding

Are you clear about their financial plans?

*Yes,always discuss with some financier
*Occasionally,but didn’t insist
*Not yet

What is your main purpose of financing

*Long-term investment
*achieve value-added assets
*Endowment insurance

from this questionnaire and telephone interview,I can know some definite informations about Collins needs of personal financial investment.As following:

*Adjustment the saving interest

*purchase insurance
*Children benefit form their estate
*Borrowing needs
*Purchase a second house
*After purchase the second house,they expect to have an additional forty thousands pound in cash available

1.2. Strategy for carrying out report

Hnd Global Businessmarketing research. Through various effective means deliberately and systematically collect, record, arrangement of related financial information and data, analyze market conditions, understand the present situation and the development tendency of the market, to provide effective financial management program. I shall make the SWOT analysis of financial products. Through the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of SWOT analysis, comprehensive assessment and analysis, understand that the opportunities and realize the goal the realization of the target by analysis of strategic and tactical level to adjust the two ways to protect resources, so the challenges. I will use the balance sheet, financial analysis, than analysis, with information. In addition, the project of the various financial ratio analysis of the financial. For example, in order to assess the program’s efficiency ratio of debt assets.

1.3. How the project will be managed

The completion of the project will have a semester I spent. The report is divided into three parts, The first is to conduct a market survey, collect and collate data, and finally to develop a detailed work plan and time, second are analyzing the collected data, and then select service to the financial needs of customers and related products ; third minute through assessment and analysis, to provide the whole scheme is reasonable and feasible, should consider the external uncertainties exist, and provide solutions. In the process I will use the many strategies and tools, it can make me a better understanding of the present market situation and get the latest information and knowledge people. When help customers manage funds, I can gain experience and understanding I do not respect. By improving their own shortcomings, and to improve my skills and professional competence. I will take 3 years to complete the project. Because we have a term to collect information on such information may not be a very comprehensive. Some limitation is inevitable, but I will try to be the best.

1.4. Timescales for project

|Stage |Week |Activities | 1 |Make clear the structure of the case, then desire the part one of report. |Planning | 2 |Collects information and resources which each kind needs to use. | 3 |Daily refresh data and information. |4 |Collate the information I collected. |5 |finish the planning-action plan. | 6 |Carries on the questionnaire survey to the customer. |Developing |7 |Find customer’s financial demand and a clear direction of the investigation. |8 |The analysis collection’s material. | 9 |proposed that solves customer’s demand suggestion. |10 |Selection of related products to customers and explain why vote for it |11 |The appraisal financing plan, considered the element of certainty. | Evaluating | 12 |Considered when how to solve the problem which appears. |13 |Assessment report rationality and feasibility. The inspection from started to the conclusion| report.

1.5. Sources of information

First of all, I can get through the government news and the Internet and other auxiliary source for information about the current international financial situation and national inheritance tax and property tax adjustment. It lets us have more accurate choice and program development opportunities. Customer benefit maximization. I can also questionnaire, interview and discussion with the form, obtain first-hand material, the more concrete, more accurate information access. This information can understand people’s understanding and product requirements. This can improve planning vulnerabilities. Through books may also and homepage know each financial management concept, methods and tools to help I finish this program planning.

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