HLTEN519C Nursing Environment Assignment Help

HLTEN519C Administer And Monitor Intravenous Medications in the Nursing Environment


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HLTEN519C Nursing Environment Assignment Help

The evidence submitted demonstrates that the student satisfactorily:

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Student adequately states the procedure for Verbal orders, standing orders and what PRN orders mean


7 Standard route of medication administration is given


Student states correct fluid to be administered and why

Student states the reason for difficulty in locating a vein for IV therapy in a dehydrated client

J 2.2

Student discusss the advantages of using access devices?

J 3

Correct calculation for the 3 drugs listed are given

1.     IV therapy – mls/hr

2.     Gentamycin – mls

3.     IV drip rate – dpm


Student discusses the purpose of medication alerts


Student adequately states in regards to current workplace – what defines their administration of medications


Student explains what  the Therapeutic Goods Act regulates


Student explains what  the National health Act applys to

       J 5.1

Student discusses 3 important points they would make to  a patient who is being educated about taking a course of oral medication


Student discuss the management of a delayed adverse reaction to a drug

Student discuss the management of an acute adverse reaction to a drug
Plagiarism/Academic Misconduct

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