Himalayan Nepali Indian Resturant Sydney

Himalayan Nepali Indian Restaurant Sydney

Indo-Nepali Restaurant Himalayan Nepali Indian Restaurant Sydney

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Himalayan Nepali Indian Restaurant SydneyThe report provides a deep description of the information on the environment and opportunity analysis of the Indo-Nepali Restaurant as related to the hospitality field. The business to get executed and thus ventured is the Indo-Nepali restaurant. The restaurant is said to be located in a busy are of Auburn, in New South Wales. The entire report cuts across the marketing plan and strategies of the ensuring that the business achieves its objectives in accordance to the key stakeholders who are the customers. There are various competitors to the Indo-Nepali restaurant which got the attention of undertaking SWOT analysis. The analysis was based on environmental analysis prior eh identification of the business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Indo-Nepali Restaurant

Environmental Analysis

Legal Factors

Good governance policies put in place will ensure favorable working environment for the management team at the restaurant and even the staff and customers at large. This includes proper taxation that the management team will have to not only easily pay but regularly comply with. On contrary, poor public policies set in legal institutions will mean unfavorable environment through over taxation hence bringing difficulty to the restaurant officials rendering good services.

Political Factors

New South Wales area enjoys a political stable environment that makes the restaurant get a conducive atmosphere to fully carry out its operations in order to fulfill the restaurants primary objectives set while opening the business.

Social and cultural factors

The fact that the location occupied by Indo-Nepali Restaurant is a culturally diversified place with over 50% residents being born overseas gives the restaurant a great opportunity to actually diversify the types of food prepared. However, this is not the case as the food prepared in this restaurant is purely Asian hence denies Non-Asians the freedom to munch on their favorite local food.

Economic factors

The infrastructure within the New South Wales location is actually of the great standard that will render smooth flow of services within the town. It is the good infrastructure that enables restaurant management easy way through to access the fresh food commodities from the market. This improved infrastructure will also enable customers to make quick travels to the restaurant in order to get their best services from the great staff at the restaurant.

Himalayan Nepali Indian Restaurant Sydney

The world inflation will always bring a significant challenge to the restaurant management team since it makes the decision makers in the restaurant incur reasonable extra charges that would otherwise have been used to promote the general growth of the Indo-Nepali Restaurant.

Target market:

The Indo-Nepali Restaurant has two main groups that the marketing department is focused on: geographic and demographic groups. These provide different segments that should show up in the restaurant premises for service delivery.

Geographic target market

Apart from the Australian natives living within and around New South Wales in Australia, the Indo-Nepal Restaurant management targets people from different countries such as India, Sri-Lanka, Nepal and China. It is due to this reason that the food mainly prepared in the restaurant is of Asian nature (Bowker, 2011).


The space within the restaurant is actually spacious to enable accommodate different family sizes, friends and various business partners. This gives a room for accommodation of people of different ages, gender, and status. The food prepared in the Indo-Nepal Restaurant will actually serve people of different preferences and tastes as per their requirements.  It should also be noted that, the Indo- Nepal Restaurant is actually open for all people in need of Asian food.

SWOT analysis:

According to Helms & Nixon (2010), SWOT analysis is a way of examining an organization strength, weakness, opportunity and threats using strategic tools thus providing the way forward on how to improve the business and meet its strategic objectives. The analysis will base on the Indo- Nepali cuisines found within the New South Wales where there are other outlet offering the same services.


  • The Indo-Nepali Restaurant is strategically located within with the busy streets of the New South Wales in Sydney. The location is characterized by many people undertaking various tasks and thus end relaxing and taking our delicious foods.
  • The delicious traditional foods are of cheap prices thus suiting the people of different household income. The restaurant is welcoming and affordable to all classes of people as far as financial status are concerned; big and small budget persons.
  • The locality at which the restaurant location  is served with conducive security thus impacting on the demand. It makes the business to run on a daily basis thus serving its customers effectively and at their hour of need. Also, the staff provides the best customers experience ever.
  • Despite the fact that the prices of the restaurant are cheap, the overall management of the pricing approach has been challenging in particular at the start phase.
  • Since the restaurant is known of its delicious and quality special foods and products, it is a challenge to determine and acquire quality manpower in particular the chef.
  • Also, the staffs are under pressure to make sure that they give the best customer experience.
  • The area is mainly occupied by persons from China, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Korea, and India according Auburn City Council (2010). This makes the restaurant management to prioritize the selection of Asian foods, thus remaining their key opportunity.
  • Apart from the restaurant providing the take away and home delivery facilities, it also provides a multi- cuisine restaurant services to accommodate all types of customers.


  • The restaurant faces stiff competition from the likes of Himalayan fusion café and Tamanna Nepalese & Indian Restaurant.
  • The customers have various preferences which at times are difficult to satisfy their exact demands thus giving the management a little challenge.
  • The worldwide ever market inflation that sees some of the common basic items hiking prices do bring a big challenge to the overall management of the restaurant.
Marketing objectives

The Indo-Nepali Restaurant primary goal is to provide hospitality services at a wide range which accommodates a range of cultures within the locality. Amongst the services, the key considered aspect will be pricing. The end result will mean provision of services at moderate prices within the market in Sydney for all kind of people regardless of their household income. Based on the research and analysis done, the objective will provide a way of having a competition advantage over our competitors. At the same time this will provide the best customer experience.

The New South Wales part of Sydney is occupied by range of Asian cultures which will demand a range of food varieties. In this way the management will have to consider introducing various food stuffs and products. The practices will get aligned with the target market as described by Barrett (1992).

Marketing strategies

The appropriate marketing approaches for the restaurant will include the use of print media which is believed as the best mode of reaching the targeted market. The target market is based on varied cultures that are located within the region. Another key strategy of winning and meeting the target market is the adoption of social network. The social network is believed the key method of reaching all customers due to the advancement of the technology. Therefore, the likes of print media which are not limited to magazines, flyers, banners and scratch cards will be supplemented with the social networking means which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsaap among others.


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Himalayan Nepali Indian Restaurant Sydney

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