Higher National Diploma in Business

Higher National Diploma in Business

Assignment Brief

Student Name /ID Number 


Unit Number and Title Unit 11: Research Project
Academic Year2018-19
Unit TutorVijay Chahal
Assignment TitleResearch Project
Issue Date08/10/2018
Submission DateTask 1:   P1, M1                            Formative:          29th Oct – 31st Oct 18                                                            Summative:        7th November 18      

Task 2:   P2, P3, D1                     Formative:          26th – 28th November 18                                                            Summative:       5th December    18

Task 3:   P4, M2                            Formative:           14th – 16th January   1                                                      Summative:         23rd January  1

Task 4:   P5 & M3, D2                 Formative:           18-20th February 19           Summative:         27th  February 19 

Task 5:   P6, P7, M4, D3            Formative:           4-6th February 19

                                               Summative:        13th March 19

IV Name & Date 

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme.

LO2 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection, generating knowledge to support the project

LO3 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis.

LO4 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance.

Submission Format:

Guidance for Students

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

You work for a consultancy business as a Trainee Consultant. As part of their induction period, they are working with Buckingham shire University to get their trainees to partake in a mini dissertation project (professional research project) linked specifically to globalisation.

You are required to choose a business/industry (preferably one which you could gain sufficient primary and secondary research) and conduct a detailed investigation into ‘globalisation’

You will be assigned a mentor (tutor) who will monitor your progress and give you guidance when needed. There is a structure which you will need to follow and specific criteria to ensure you meet the expectations of the induction programme.

Task 1 – Research Specification Plan (P1, M1)

For your project you are required to complete a Research Proposal Form as well as an Ethics Form, both of which will be provided to you by your tutor. Ensure that it is completed in detail. Section Five of the Research Proposal Form relates to the Merit criteria.

Formative:          29th Oct – 31st Oct 18                                         

Summative:        7th November 18      

Task 2 – Primary & Secondary Research (P2, P3, D1)

You should now carry out your small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.

  1. This should include the production of a literature review, where you compare and contrast the secondary research available (800-1000 words approx.)
  2. You should also conduct primary research in the form of questionnaires and interviews to find more opinion on this. This should be evidenced through graphs and transcripts.
  3. Ensure that you evaluate the accuracy and reliability of different research methods applied. Discuss the constraints of your research and the different pitfalls you experienced in your data collection


  1. Critically evaluate why you feel the methods of research you chose were appropriate and why did you choose them ahead of others. (500 words) (D1)

Formative:          26th – 28th November 18                                                          

Summative:        5th December    18

Task 3 – Research Analysis with Conclusion (P4, M2)

  1. Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques. Look at comparing and contrasting your primary research and secondary research and making relevant judgements.
  2. Discuss merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis.

Formative:           14th – 16th January   19

Summative:         23rd January  19

Task 4 – Communicate Research Outcomes  (P5 & M3, D2)

Using a PowerPoint or IT based presentation tool to present your research project..

Within the presentation, clearly and logically communicate the findings of your project and demonstrate how outcomes meet the set objectives

Evaluate and carry out some critical analysis of the results assessing their accuracy and authenticity whilst making valid and justified recommendations.

Formative:           18-20th February 19

Summative:         27th  February 19 

Task 5 – Reflection on Application of Research (P6, P7, M4, D3)

Produce a summary document where you should critically reflect on  the effectiveness of the research methods and how they contributed to meeting objectives. Look at key lessons learned and consider alternative research methods.

To achieve M4 you must ensure that you should give clear reflection which results in recommended actions for improvement and future considerations

To achieve the D3 you must demonstrate reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommended actions for future improvement. 

Formative:           4-6th February 19

Summative:        13th March 19

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