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TASK -1 Health Social Care Assignment Help

1. Reflect on practice as a health care professional

Health Social Care Assignment Help | Health Issues | Health TipsHealth Social Care Assignment Help to me there are various values and practice which are possessed for the health care professional. The values which are very important and implementing the values in health and care are also necessary and they are discussed below in detail:

Individual reflection

Personal Values you possess

1.      Equal Rights and Opportunities for all

2.      Unity in Diversity

3.      Integrity

4.      Confidentiality

In health and social care setting the personal value play a very important role.It is our culture which helps us to grow as an individual. (Meyer, 2000).


3. Reflective Account

The self- SWOT will be done in this task.  The SWOTS includes our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the threats. It will cover the goals of short, medium and long terms goal.

4 What are your strengths at work?

5 Weaknesses

6 opportunities

7 Threats

I am professional experienced person. I have 10 years experienced in health and care setting.

I have the experts and professional who have same background and they also give me the feedback and consent in my personal life.

I completed my post graduate and I am working in health and care as a professional and post graduate is completed form grade A college and university.

I am very supportive kind of personality and also helping person.

I also attended the seminars which are related to the health and social care. This opportunity gives me the knowledge of professional learning and I also attended the seminars which are for needs of the special person.

The cases which I have never handled by me then this case are handed over the handling services user.

 Short Term Goals

My short term goal is understand the cases which are specific use and from this helps and support them. I also learn the new tools which are important and are used for the application in health and care setting.

Medium Term Goals

My medium term goal is to trained the team for social and health care for myself.

Reaching at the level at which people are become independent and handling all the health related issue.

 Long Term Goals

My long term goal is that the health and social care is occupied and it is filled with the professional of health and care.

The first opportunity is get the different an unique case which is added to our knowledge and information and also getting the exposure in health and social care.

For the above there I slots of investment has been done and also purchasing the various equipment’s and appliance which are necessary for the health and care.

The training is completed and prepare the developmental chart or schedule which is used for the existing service users and it is kept by them with the additional skills so they   take care of themselves independently.

There is threat in investing in health and social care , it is done in the case where the business is increasing consistently

According to the budgets the service user are enrolled and admitted.


There should be hiring of the experts and the skilled professionals in health and social care settings rather than keeping every the inexperienced people on board.

TASK 4: Just how effective am I?

Under this task, we will find out and evaluate the effectiveness of my own personal contributions when working with others and as a part of team in health and social care practice.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of your own personal contributions when working with others/ as a team in health and social care practice and analyse what actions you have taken in your practice to minimize abuse to lead to effective team work in health and social care.

After getting experience in health and care setting I got knowledge from this and after that I will able to apply my knowledge in the resolving the issue relating to the health care. The issue which is mention above is helping me in various issues in some areas and from this issue my team is learned that how to grow. All are reporting me like the care taker and other professionals and they are working in my team and they are trained to handle the independent users (who have no relatives) and my knowledge is also increased in the industry and in the health care as a whole. (Gilson,2003).

Health care center is the center where we have to use our cultures personal values which we get from our family and to be put up and use it. The values which get from our family will help us in taking care of the users in health care setting. In health care setting abuse of these values is avoided. It is important that the people who are abusing are known as independent and separate sessions and which explain the wrong on abusing.

Health Social Care Assignment Help | Health Issues | Health Tips

 The abuse can be stop by the following things. These are:

  1. On the programs of health and sound culture then awareness should be created among people on health and care. From this the people understand what is wrong and what is right. And they will also understand that if they doing any wrong thing then they will carry the wrong habits.
  2. The people who using abuse will be pay the fines which is imposed on them so the they will not use again in future any abusive language.
  3. Hired the people who are experienced and sound who have passion. It helps in creating the sound and healthy environment. (Clouder, 2003).


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