Health Global Health Issue

4: Essay: Health Global Health Issue

Topic- Mental Health (any particular disease)

Deadline 8th November

Health Global Health Issue

Mental Health

Health Global Health IssueSelect a global health problem of interest to you and write a review and analysis of the health problem. In your paper, include the following components:

1) a description of the health problem and people’s experiences of it

2) an introduction to the epidemiology of the health problem and/or why this is a significant global health issue

3) a description of the approaches to the problem (policy, public/global health and anthropological). What are the ways in which such studies have led to increased understanding of the problem, or ways in which anthropologists and global health professionals/researchers have helped to improve public health education or interventions?

4) a critical evaluation of the historical or contemporary interventions and efforts; essentially, an evaluation of why some programs did not work or a critique of the assumptions enmeshed within programs; and

5) a concluding section that suggests future directions for anthropologists, global health, and/or public health practitioners in addressing the problem at hand. You are limited to 3,000 words (Mres students 3500 words)