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Good Wholesaling Practice Assignment HelpThe third section of the Good wholesaling practices states that for the staff to be provided with the necessary skills together with knowledge in ensuring the maintenance of the quality, policies, and procedures has to be followed (Bonakdar, 2015). Under those circumstances, the personnel has to be trained to perform the assigned functions. The policies and procedures are also supposed to be developed and put in place for the selection and usage by the entire staff. Accordingly, there should be a documented organizational structure for the identification of the team together with their roles.

The fourth section states that there has to be policies and procedures in place so that they can be used for stock handling and control (Bonakdar, 2015). In that case, the responsible staff has to be provided with training on the procedure of handling spillage of chemicals. Moreover, the spills are supposed to be cleaned immediately as the instructions in the MSDS. At the same time, medicine has to be stored off the floor to facilitate cleaning (Bonakdar, 2015). However, it’s only the wholesalers who hold licenses are the ones supposed to do repacking of the medicine. Lastly, the storage areas are supposed to be organized for easy identification and segregation of different materials stored.

Good Wholesaling Practice Assignment Help

In the fifth section, it is stated that there should be policies and procedures so that adequate methods transportation are provided to achieve safe, timely delivery of the medicines from collection to destination points. For this reason, the containers for the distribution of drugs has to be clean (Bonakdar, 2015). Likewise, then there has to be a system in place to enable the return of the signed receipts which are obtained from authorized recipients. Also, the system for the employed and the contracted delivery should be put in place (Bonakdar, 2015). Lastly, a standard operating procedure is required for the working delivery personnel to ensure safety and timely delivery.

Section six states that policies in conjunction with the procedures should be available to provide; resolution of complaints together with the protection of the recurrence, receipting and the recording of claims details, enough methods to handle, measure and evaluate the complaint content (Bonakdar, 2015). Henceforth, the complaints concerning medicine have to be directed to the sponsor of the drug if at all they are distinct from the matters in wholesaler’s control. In the seventh section, the policies and procedures should ensure that all records are kept as per the legislative requirements and maintained by the wholesaler (Bonakdar, 2015). As a result, all the records of all receipts and sales transactions which are accurate has to be kept. Coupled with, the responsibility of maintaining files has to be defined and documented.

In section eight which involves the cold chain medicines, the policies and procedures should be in place to make sure that the storage of the cold chain medicine is maintained as per the recommendations of the sponsors (Bonakdar, 2015). In that case, the refrigerated areas for storage of cold chain medicine have to be set up correctly and be in operation continuously.


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