Global Business Assignment Help

Global Business Assignment Help
2010/2011 academic year
The Global context of modern business (unit code 5E1140)
Unit co-ordinator Dr. O Kuznetsova

Global Business Assignment HelpSubmission Requirements:
Deadline (hand-in day): 26 January 2011 (Wednesday)
Submission Form:
o electronic ONLY on-line submission (e-submission, e-receipting)

o DO NOT submit coursework (or copies of) directly to your tutor

Cover Page: title, name, tutor (NOT the Unit Leader or Academic Tutor), word count (TEXT BODY ONLY: appendices and bibliography excluded), academic year

Length: 2500 words (+/- 5%) diagrams, tables, charts, citations, sources, etc., should be referenced

Format: double space, Times New Roman font, size 12
Referencing System: Harvard Style; for details see: (scroll down to section “H”)

Evaluation and feedback:

  • • e-marking
  • • e-feedback (it is expected that additional feedback will be provided following the in-class presentation of the coursework-based reports)
  • • for evaluation report template see Appendix 2
  • • value of the assignment: 40%
    • structure and value spread of the mark:
  • o abstract (5%)
  • o introduction (relevance of the topic, preview of findings) (5%)
  • o theoretical background with a reference to the state of the art in the field of the study (20% of the mark) o empirical evidence (qualitative and quantitative data, case studies, etc.) (20%)
  • o interpretation, discussion, conclusions (40%)
  • o bibliography (10 %).

• written investigation-based analytical report
• INDIVIDUAL submission
• oral in-class presentation (individual/in a group) and tutors feedback as a part of tutorial programme –TUTOR’S DISCRETION

Marking criteria:

  • • see Grade Descriptors document (WebCT/GCMB unit/unit assessment)
  • • grades:
  • o FAIL (): advanced critical awareness
  • • Marks will be awarded mainly for the content of the written report but also for its: clarity, style, focus, logic, creativity, structure, originality, factual accuracy, use of examples, depth of understanding and insights, use of ACADEMIC sources, presentation layout.

Notes and instructions:

  • • choose a topic from the list below;
  • • for topic-specific advice contact your tutor;
  • • an introductory session on writing for academic purpose will be arranged during the Autumn Term;
  • • in-class group presentations (where relevant): groups should adhere to the guidelines and relevant MMU documents on group work (downloadable form WebCT);
  • • in-class presentations are NOT assessed;
  • • late submission: for the guidelines consult the Student Handbook or SIP; in a case of mitigating circumstances students are advised to apply for an extension. The “Extension request” form (available from SIP) should be submitted normally no later than the due date of the assignment;
  • • marks will be available not earlier then four weeks after the submission date.

(see Appendix 1 for the Glossary of terms used in assessments)

  • 1. Conduct comparative cross-cultural analysis of the business practices in two countries of your choice.
  • 2. Prepare a company-based report or a case-study to show how business adjusts (fails to adjust) to the change in external environments.
  • 3. Identify and show within the industry of your choice the interdependence of the relevant political, social, legal and technological dimensions shaping its future developments.
  • 4. Examine the challenges and business opportunities of doing business in… (a country of choice) in respect to different dimensions of the business environment.
  • 5. Critically evaluate the impact of globalisation on domestic business environment of… (a country of choice).
  • 6. Illustrate socio-economic implications of the changes in business environment in a country of choice during a set period of time (e.g. post-communist transformation, Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, etc.)
  • 7. Present comparative analysis of two companies of choice operating in the same industry in respect to their approach to sustaining competitiveness following changes in the business environment (e.g. Adidas vs. Nike, telecoms, car manufacturers, Microsoft vs Apple Inc, winemakers, etc.).
  • 8. Examine critically the nature and lasting impacts for domestic business environment of the global financial crisis of 2007.


Account for – give reasons for or explain why something happens.

Analyse – examine in very close detail; identify important points and main features.

Assess – judge or decide about the amount, value, quality or importance of something.

Comment on – identify the main issues and write about them, giving your reactions based upon what you have read; avoid purely personal opinion.

Comparative analysis – item by item comparison of two or more comparable alternatives, processes, products, qualifications, sets of data, systems, etc; useful to detect the emerging trends, ranking and classifications.

Critically evaluate – weigh arguments for and against something, assessing the strength on the both sides; use criteria to guide your assessment derived from opinions, theories, models, options, etc.

Demonstrate – make evident or establish by arguments or reasoning, illustrate by examples.

Describe – give the main characteristics of features of something, or outline the main events.

Evaluate – assess the worth, influence, importance or usefulness of something using evidence. There are probably will be cases to be made both for and against.

Examine – put the subject to scrutiny, look at it in detail; if appropriate, critically evaluate it.

Explain – make clear why something happens, or why something is the way it is.



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