General Discretion Organic Pabulum

General Discretion Organic Pabulum mission of the company is to deliver organic food item to customers as per their orders and carry out the reference to the project is provided over here. business transactions with implementation of the advanced technology of online marketing as well as giving importance to the traditional retail marketing strategy (Barrow, 2011). The mission of Organic Pabulums generated the objectives to be followed and the goals to be reached.

General Discretion Organic PabulumThe objectives of Organic Pabulums are as follows:-

  • To maintain quality in the organic products.
  • To become successful in keeping the commitments made to the customers. The orders which will be placed online must be reached to the customers within time and with proper care. Moreover, the customers who are interested to visit the retail store and pick the organic food items by their own hands can do that too. Thus it will serve to categories of customers and thereby meet their needs.
  • To provide customer satisfaction and customer’s reliability upon their services.

The goals of Organic Pabulums include reaching high target sales and each year the goals will be modified to cross the previous year’s sales and move forward on the way to success.

 Philosophy of Organic Pabulums and the users of its market

Each and every business possesses a philosophy and this is not an exception. The business philosophy of Organic Pabulums is to compete with the previous personal records and to consider the personal business mistakes as the guidelines to modification and rectification. The company never compares the sales with any other concern but always attempts to cross the previous record of sales of the own firm. The challenges that are faced on the way to proceed in the business world are considered as miles stone to reach success (Barrow, Barrow and Brown, 2012). One more major point that must be included in the philosophy of Organic Pabulums is meeting the needs of all kind of customers by offering versatile retain services of organic food products. This will make the market provided by the organization accessible to all people with variable mentalities which is indeed a plus point for the company.

 Description of the industry

The project of Organic Pabulums will surely be useful for countless people. Common people will possess an option in marketing organic food products from this company as they can avail online marketing as well as come to the store, visit the products, examine and buy as per their choice. As soon as a single customer will be satisfied, the message of this satisfaction will be shared among numerous people and same way a number of new customers will be the benefiters by this firm. This, growth of the company is highly predictable and thus it can be termed as growth industry. Customers may report about changing a strategy in the online marketing domain which can be considered as a short term chance. Thus customer support section will be there to value the reports of the customers. On getting high benefits from the services of Organic Pabulums, the customers may demand to include some more categories of products apart from organic food products. This is a long term change and the company must predict the outcomes of the change before planning to implement the change.

 Strengths and core competencies

A research has been taken via personal interviews and telephonic interviews to various groups of people. These groups include housewives, working women, students, aged people, and people covering all other categories. The analysis of the interview infers that the entire mankind has rising needs to buy and use organic food products and they desire to solely depend on this food type in future as it is the only natural way to lead a healthy life. A prediction can be made that this business will not meet downfall in future and the rising needs of organic food products will result to the growth of the company (Blackwell, 2008). Thus, the type of the product to be sold by Organic Pabulums brings the greatest competitive strength for the firm.

 Legal form of ownership

The form of ownership of Organic Pabulums is sole proprietor. This form of business is chosen as the initiative and effort to execute this business is only of a single person. Moreover, the investments made to make this business stand are also from a single source. It is neither a sub part of a limited organization nor involves partners in supporting the business (Brockhouse, 1989). A single person is solely responsible for maintenance, execution, profits, losses and all tit bits of the business. Thus the form of the business is termed as sole proprietorship.


The products are the bricks to construct a business and its services are the cements to provide the final shape to the business. Thus it is important to discuss the products and services of this business plan which is done over here.

As already mentioned previously, the products of Organic Pabulums are all organic food items. But this single phrase is not enough to describe the entire details of the products. The several categories of organic food products along with their detailed description are as follows:-

Organic Vegetable Pabulums – This is the commonest among all the organic food products. It comprises of green vegetables which may be the leaves, herbs, roots, stems or an advanced growth of an edible plant which are useful for the advancement of health. Mushrooms and nuts are also brought under this category.

Organic Fruit Pabulums – This I the next important item that comes in the list of products of this business industry and these are the necessities for each day in all households. This category include fruits like apples, oranges, cherries, peaches, berries, and most of all popular fruits that some way or the other benefit human health. Dry fruits are also found as products in this category which are available with the best quality.

Organic Drinks and Juices Pabulums – These are the organic food products available in the retail store and online store of this business firm that are the outcomes of treating organic fruits and vegetables. These basically are formed from the extracts of fresh fruits and vegetables to make healthy juices and organic health drinks. Natural sodas are also included in this category.

Organic dairy Pabulums – These organic products consider link as their base products and thus fall into the dairy category of this firm. Plain milk, condensed milk, milk powder are available along with butter, cheese, yoghurt are some of the useful dairy products in this category. In addition there are dairy ice creams, milk shakes and many more dairy products.

Organic Cereals Pabulums – Households cannot be imagined with these organic food products. And thus, if none of the products are sold, at least the firm will be able to make business with the products of this category. Cereals form the base of the main meals in a day. Cold cereals and granolas are very common in this group. Whole grains, hot cereals and rolled oats are the items that are very useful to enhance and maintain good health conditions.

Organic Bakery Pabulums – A number of families live just on breads.  They will not at all be eliminated from the customer list of this business firm. Organic bread products are available in huge varieties in this business stores. Starting from organic pizzas to burgers, from plain breads to organic flavored breads all will be available both in the online and retail store. In addition the platform is fond of organic cases, biscuits and cookies.

Organic Jams, Jellies and Honey Pabulums – The organic bakery products which are mentioned in the lat category remain unfulfilled without the complementation by the products of this category. Jams and jellies that are derived on treating organic fruits are necessary for having organic breakfast. In addition, organically prepared honey is also included in the product list of the business services.

Organic Beverages Pabulums – These include organic coffee seeds and tea leaves which do not have a single percentage of synthetic elements in it. These are considered to be organic sources or production of energy in human bodies. Frozen and normal forms of both the items are available.

Organic Miscellaneous Pabulums – In addition to the categories of food products that anyone can get from the stores of this business, there are a number of other items which are not grouped over here.   These include canned foods of organic fish and meet, organic spices, edibles oil, organic sauces and vinegars and many more.

All in all, apart from the necessary organic food products that people needs, all the rare items are also available in the store. The products of this business industry will be more than enough to satisfy any need regarding organic food products.

General Discretion Organic Pabulum


The services of Organic Pabulums are distributed majorly in two fields. One is in the online mode and the other one is in the offline mode.

The offline business services are the traditional ones. The business will comprise of a retail store where all the above mentioned organic food products will be available. Customers will visit the shop and go through all the items. In this service, they will have a chance to judge the quality of the products on spot with that own perception and pick the items of their choice to the counter to buy them.

But there are some people who find it hard to manage a time in a day to visit the shop and but the organic food items. But they have rising needs to translate their present diet to organic diet. In that case, the online services of the company will serve them the best (Dickey, 1994). Organic Pabulums will possess a website which is considered as the online marketing domain. The customers will be able to have a glance at all the available organic food items and select the ones depending upon their needs and choice. Finally, they will have to place the online orders by making payments via internet. As soon as the company will receive the payments, the ordered items will be reached to the customers within pre specified time. Moreover, on getting the items if the customers have any query or dissatisfaction with the products, they can immediately report about that in that in the website. The customer service team of Organic Pabulums will be there to solve all such issues reported by the customers.

 Competitive advantage and disadvantage

The advantage of the products and services of Organic Pabulums are a lot. As the products are needful to all people and useful for proper health, this will always have a great demand. As doctors and health experts are emphasizing on organic diet in the present day, more and more people will attempt to inherit a proper organic diet within their lifestyle (Friedlob and Plewa, 1996). As there are lacks of stores offering organic food products at all places, the online version of this business will earn huge profit.

The only disadvantage is that as Organic Pabulums is in the form of sole proprietorship so it may be a tough to handle all the managerial and financial responsibilities all in single hand. Though employees could be recruited to help in all transactions but in that case, part of the profit will be invested in paying the salaries to them. But, as the growth are predicted in this business, at the end of multiple transactions, profit will collected by me.

The payment policies of Organic Pabulums will be flexible as customers will have the options to avail online payment or offline payment procedures. No extra charges will be exerted upon the customers apart from the legal taxes.

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