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Financial Institutions Financial Transactions was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1940 and 1945. He served during World War II and he is credited with boosting the morale of the soldiers during the war. Hitler and Germany had a desire to conquer the World and several European states such as France and Poland had fallen. However, the speeches of Churchill such as the finest hour, fighting on the beaches, tears, toil, sweat, and Financial Institutions Financial Transactionsblood kept the morale of the British soldiers afloat (Churchill, 2002).

Churchill was weak in the Parliament. However, he had a great strength that helped him maintain his shaky position in the Parliament. He was an orator and he used the skill to solidify his in Britain. It is his oratory skills that enabled him to keep the morale of the soldiers afloat and get the war fought to victory. His speeches were encouraging and boosted the morale of soldiers. In his first speech, he declared that he had nothing to offer but sweat, blood, tears, struggle, and toil (Churchill, & James, 1974).

Financial Institutions Financial Transactions

The declaration that his takeover cannot solve the problems the government has, but acting now was the solution motivated the soldiers. He further stated that in case an action was not taken immediately the situation could get worse in future. He also informed the entire nation and the soldiers that he only had one goal, victory. Churchill declared that Britain had no choice but achieve victory at all costs. He used his oratory skills to communicate to the people and the soldiers that without victory there will be no survival. He also acknowledged that it might take long, there will be terror and the road will be hard, which prepared the soldiers psychologically for the war and boosted their morale (Churchill, 2002).

To conclude, Churchill was the British Prime Minister during World War II and he kept the morale of the soldiers afloat through his oratory skills in his speeches.


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