Final Australians Assignment Help

Final Australians Assignment Help

Final Australians Assignment Help In this essay we will be focusing on the theme of being Australian and discuss three categories on contemporary topics. The categories selected for essay is history’ media and current literature.  The objective of the essay is to address that how these categories are Final Australians Assignment Helpable to represent their context of following the culture of Australianesse. We will also critically analyze and identify any contrasting features if available in any of the categories. For extraction of data we will be using various databases like Ebsochost or Academic search premier etc. the data which is extracted will be analyzed on the basis of its relevance with the subject matter and then critical findings will be represented in the essay.


In countries like Australia which have a settler’s history which is being challenged by new historical concepts a conflict among societies is unavoidable. Australian history is essentially divided into two broad categories with a clear demarcation. There is a long term conflicts between the colonizers and the colonized. Each section of the society is not able to reconcile with the fact that state is interested in integrating the cultures and developing a shared history. There are conflicts in the cultural perceptions and different historical identities. It is being argued here that the very concept of reconciling the history and forming a shared historical background between two extremely contrasting sections of the society is flawed fundamentally. This concept will inevitably bring violent disruptions and clashes among societies. It is not easy for any individual to completely surrender the historical truth which he believes his whole life. It does not matter to them how much of it is factually true and how much of it not. As a contrasting feature it is more sensible and neutral path for everybody involved that some conflicting parts of the history should be accepted in their natural form rather than creating conflicts on it. Government should be focusing towards gathering a compromise in the situation rather than forming consensus. Australia is a democratic country and ever since inception of democratic form of government people are provided with the basic right to form their own opinion and belief about any topic. Government’s attempt can conflict with the basic constitutional rights of the people. it will be a much healthier society if all arguments and disagreements co existed in a loose framework where everybody remain tolerant and understanding about each other’s viewpoint and remain peaceful in a mutually agreed system.

Final Australians Assignment Help


Media is a very powerful tool for social influence and impact all over the globe and Australia is also one of the countries impacted by it. It needs to be considered while deciding the role of media in a country’s wellbeing and social issue addressing that is media’s sole responsibility if to meet the market research demands and look for profit making ventures or there is a social obligations attached to it. Media is a communication medium which has a direct impact on the thinking and behavior of population. Media bears the responsibility of bringing the right information in the right context to the people especially in a country like Australia where societies have conflicts over races’ historical arguments and cultural differences between natives and settlers. Many academicians and researchers believe that media should not just follow the idea discourse in public sphere but provide a rational argument behind every situation and issue. The arguments should be two sided so that each individual can have a choice of opinion and take an informed decision based on their intellectual capability. A very good example of media’s role can be visualized in recent racial attacks in the country on students belonging to Asian community. This whole situation has disrupted the harmony of the Australia society and many humanitarian Australian has written letters to the editors appealing to the Australian people that they need to show some compassion and humanity towards other group of people. Media has actively played its role to pacify the situation and published them with a great argument. Media’s active role in providing right information to the people and other side of the story has assisted the authorities in calming the situation effectively.


In this category we would be discussing and analyzing the latest novel written by Hsu-Ming Teo in year 2005 named as “behind the moons”. In this novel writer has thrown light on the fact that what it really means to be “an Australian” and how the entire nation is gripped by a feeling of mate ship and brotherhood. The writer has taken the reference of famous movies of their time “the wizard of the OZ (1939) and Gallipoli (1981). Novelist has argued about the fact that how the entire nation is gripped by the biases towards social issues like racial differences’ homosexuality of a person and how the typical Australian male is stereotyped as a heterosexual white male. The lead character of novel is a gay Chinese Australian male who is viewing the entire story plot of movie Gallipoli from his view point and providing a new direction of parallel thinking to the readers. What writer has attempted to represent here is that the nationhood of Australia is not embedded into the stereotyped figures of white race and heterosexuality but the real life has multicolor people with different personalities and orientation. Writer is trying to promote and form different frameworks and models of friendship and brotherhood among people which is not solely based on races and color of skin. This novel is critically representing the crisis which is faced by the Australian community and encouraging them to break their chains of biased thinking and pre judging any individual. It forces every reader to think that each and every person should be judged according to their values’ actions and thought processes rather than their personal choices. The novel is also challenging the general idea of masculinity in Australian community and states that a brotherhood or nationwide identity can be developed beyond the shackles of race and color.

  1. Bain Attwood (2005). Unsettling pasts: reconciliation and history in settler Australia. Postcolonial Studies 8 (3), 243-259. ( retrieved from EBSCO host)

Reason for selection of this article:- this article provides a contemporary analysis of the historical issues pertaining with the Australian community. The article is very critical in nature and it is raising the issues which are not dealt effectively in previous studies. The article is also focusing on the political ambitions of the government and how it will impact the common people and their beliefs. Conflicts and clashes between the settlers and natives is a long standing problem of countries like Australia and author is providing solutions for co existence of both communities together in a loosely framed solution which is much more plausible and feasible than government’s resolution of reaching a consensus.  Article has also provided example of similar kind of problems faced by other countries like New Zealand and Germany thus providing an opportunity to contrast and compare the impacts.

  1. Jane Mummery & Debbie Rodan (2007) Discursive Australia: Refugees, Australianness, and the Australian Public Sphere1. Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 21 (3), 347-360. ( retrieved from ASP ( Academic search premiere).

Reason for choosing this article:- this article is throwing light on the problem faced by the refugees and outsider who are now a part of the Australian society and how their attempt to became one of the locals of Australia can be impacted by the media. Author has discussed the role played by today’s media and its responsibility while discoursing anything with the Australian population. The impact of media on the general perception of people and how this influence can modify the behavior of people towards the refugees is discussed at length and provided some unique features and insights. It has been pointed out by the author that media is not just an industrial sector which working for the profits but it is a part of the social structure of the country and along with business it bears very serious responsibility on itself. Author believes that media can play a very active role in bringing solutions closer to the many challenges and issues faced by the Australian community related to racial discrimination’ conflicts and cultural differences.

  1. Robyn Morris. (2006). ‘Growing up an Australian’: Renegotiating Mateship, Masculinity and ‘Australianness’ in Hsu-Ming Teo’s Behind the Moon. Journal of Intercultural Studies. 27 (1-2), 151-166 ( retrieved from EBSCO host)

Reason for choosing this article:- this article by Robyn Morris is studying the novel written by Mr. Hsu Ming Teo which is revolving around the attributes like nationhood’ mateship and masculinity which is deeply embedded in the Australian society. Author of the novel is providing a parallel thinking process by using a Chinese Australia homosexual male as a character and providing his viewpoints in the famous movie Gallipoli. The novel critically represents that how Australian society is biased in their perception of an Australian male and anything different than that is not provided its rightful place in the society. The article is providing a very concise intercultural difference and its comparative analysis which is giving us unique points to discuss in the essay.Order Now

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