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Evaluating Economy Assignment Help is a solution of Evaluating Economy Assignment Help in which we discuss The International economy was introduced in the 20th Century with free flowing goods, services and money in history.

Analyse how the structure of the UK economy has changed in the 21st Century and how it has affected the business environment of your chosen organisation

Evaluating Economy Assignment HelpThe International economy was introduced Evaluating Economy Assignment Help the 20th Century with free flowing goods, services and money in history. It had experienced increased output, improvement in daily lives and trading norms like never before. During the First world war, all the above trading and expansion seemed a major downfall. It deteriorated its position till the second world war. The growth of the economy lessened than it had been almost fifty years back then.

Changes in technology and changing scenario in global economy was adapted every now and then at that time. Introduction of new competitors, improving living standards of common people and rising economy were all a major part of the economy which had come into force (Cho et al., 2014). For example, in the case of Tesco PLC new machines, modern techniques of production, advanced transportation and its high level competitive factor all lead to modernization and excessive profit turnovers unlike the 20th century whose development schemes  are of no value at all.

Evaluating Economy Assignment Help the tools available to meet macroeconomic policy changes in the UK and the success of the UK government’s policies in achieving macroeconomic objectives and how these changes affect your chosen organisation

The entire operation of the economy a sa whole comprises the macroeconomic policy. A strong and running economy environment capable of producing fruitful output in terms of creation of jobs, wealth and increasing living standards. Fiscal, wealth and exchange rate policy are the three key points of macroeconomic policy which maintains the balance in economy.  Changes in government expenditure and taxes imposed and loan for the economy come under this field.  The Reserve Bank Of Australia is responsible for regulating monetary policy.

Evaluating Economy Assignment Help is responsible for changing cash rate like the interest rate on loans offered in the market. It is influenced by flow of capital overnight. The value of the currency against other currencies is called Exchange Rate policy. Since 1983, the value of the Australian Dollar has been floating and is influenced by forces in the market. For example, the Tesco PLC ‘s business will get affected by the governments change in tax rate. If the tax rate is reduced then the quality of the product is increased while the price will also change. It can also be utilized in advertisements provided if te company wants as it will yield more profit for the organization.

Evaluating Economy Assignment Help the performance of the UK economy in the global market using specific key indicators such as the GDP growth rate, inflation and unemployment, etc. and how the economic performance affects your chosen organisation

The Government’s aim is to acquire low rate of price inflation, which can be achieved through changes in monetary policy interest rates as they have been formed since 1997 by the Bank Of England. Fiscal policy which is governed by the government can be done to promote growth over time. Improvement in the income of the masses and tax systems can lead to major change in the economy (Wild et al., 2014).

Supply of goods will improve the market or business and will make it efficient. Expansion of real gross domestic good will keep inflation low and deteriorate the growth along with its consequences. Employment opportune for everyone where everyone is earning a minimum sustainable wage every day.

For example, if the government decides upon the minimum wage of labour for everyday, then Tesco PLC  might have to increase the wage which will cut down its profit maximization in all avenues as it will be directed in labour wage (Foss & Lobby,
Evaluating Economy Assignment Help indicators are allotted by the economists in order to judge whether the economy is really working well or not. By this the work of the Policy makers becomes easier and better.   The measurement of national income, expenditure and output express the growth or downfall of an economy as its also measured in terms of per capital (Small bone et al., 2012).

The relationship between the national output and principal investment, levels of inflation and price, different types of unemployment and their reasons, competition in export, production capacity of labour and their stability in international competition are all major key points which assess an economy’s performance. The level of the borrowing capacity of other countries is also one vital factor that judges an economic strength.

Demonstrate the theory of comparative advantage using relevant illustrations from emerging economies against the UK economy and justify the advantages and disadvantages of free trade using a UK-based case study)

How does the theory affect your chosen organisation?
When another Country can produce the same good at lesser cost, then it is called as comparative advantage. It means that the country is capable of producing even cheaper goods than the rest so it is capable of a lot of producing all kinds of goods. It means that they will have an acceleration in the growth of essay economies.

Evaluating Economy Assignment Help is very different from absolute cost refers to as the cost of producing a  good. The other countries can also earn money from trading as far as they both have different goods to exchange and the demand for the product is also maintained in a healthy way (Boons et al., 2013).

Evaluating Economy Assignment Help

If the demand of any such particular good falls, then it will get very difficult for any country to operate or trade with that particular good otherwise the price will increase a lot for that particular good.  For example, Tesco PLC being an organization specializing in  retail marketing does not have particular wine brand demanded by the customers so they might offer the neighboring countries a particular rate in exchange of good or money for the wine so that the customers get satisfied to a large extent and buys that particular brand of wine from them only at the best rate possible (Biondi & Zambon, 2013).

Analyse the impact of emerging economies such as the BRICKS on the developed economies in general and evaluate the consequences of the recent domestic and global economic shocks on the UK economy

How do the emerging economies affect your organisation?


In Evaluating Economy Assignment Help The internal and external factors both should be considered very well before making any foreign or domestic production of goods or business activities as per the analysis found after the market research. The Tesco PLC, a public limited company has achieved the goodwill of their stakeholders more effectively than ever before after operating their business activities in the most efficient way possible. Improved customer services, regulations of employment and prevailing all the facts to all the members in the most convenient way possible.

The UK market is very competitive where the Tesco PLC has to undergo changes in their monetary issues and even in their output process so that they can yield maximum profit. Economic policies and competitors policies play a vital role in establishing ones business effectively and on a large scale too. Since, it falls under the perfect competition the demand of the product and its increase is given more importance than any other factor.

The price of the good is determined as per the interest of the buyer. The company has to follow the UK regulations along with the EU in order to function their business operations. Being the super market industry leader which is getting more and more competitive each time focuses more on the price and product differentiation keeping in mind all the domestic and international points in mind.

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