Ethical Analysis Assignment Help

Ethical Analysis Assignment Help

Ethical Analysis 5

FactsNew System Rollout.

University Friend.
Sharing to Secrecy.

Dilemma of sharing company information with friend.
Society & Family
Punishment for sharing would hurt each of these entities.
Ideals and RightsIdeals: honesty, duty and fairness
Rights: privacy
Company’s right to privacy would be violated and I wouldn’t be honest.
ObligationsObligation to Professionalism and Company
Obligation to Colleagues
As professional no company details are to be divulged to outsiders.
ConsequencesHarm: Divulging information
Benefit: Not sharing information
Company is of importance
Company is important and hence friendship and professionalism should be kept apart and hence no sharing.
ActionsInforming about new development
No details being shared
Not sharing anything
Either share information partly to honor friendship or share nothing for company loyalty.
Best ActionPartial Information SharingShare information partially till formal announcement by company is made.

Ethical Analysis Assignment Help

Ethical Analysis 6


FactsRFID Tags for Employee Safety.

Mining Accidents.

Human Implants.

Dilemma of tracking each employee using RFID tags for security and safety.
Safety of employee concerns their families.
Ideals and RightsIdeals: care and fairness
Rights: privacy
Employee right to privacy compromised for caring and safety.
ObligationsObligation to Professionalism and EmployeesAt professional level company has no right to spy on employees.
ConsequencesHarm: Continuous Monitoring
Benefit: Security against accidents
Employee should get consideration.
Employee satisfaction is important and hence company should find a way to avoid all time monitoring.
ActionsIntroduce RFID tags in ID cards.

Use video cameras at danger sites.

Installing video cameras would be better.

Implanting RFID tags within the body would allow company to monitor personal activities as well.

Best ActionInstalling video camerasInstead of RFID tag implants, use cameras to monitor accidents.

Ethical Analysis 7

FactsHacking/Unauthorized AccessStudent trying to hack into the administrator system




Unruly act of the student brings shame to the family, school and society as well.
Ideals and RightsIdeals: duty and fairness
Rights: property
Intellectual property of school content is being tempered by the student going against his moral duty
ObligationsObligation to school

Hacking against the law

Student has no right to access secure information and is punishable under law.
ConsequencesHarm: Getting caught/hacking
Benefit: Refraining/Accepting Mistake
Student should get some consideration.
If student comes clean post act or refrains from it then some respite should be given.
ActionsRefraining from Hacking

Punishing the student

Giving a warning

The student in event of hacking should be punished if not accepting mistake on own.
Best ActionMild punishment to the studentGive some punishment to the student to set an example for others and also a warning for severe punishment if repeated.

Ethical Analysis 8

FactsUnplanned recruitment

Loss of productivity

Hampering career of employee

No work assigned to the new resource leads to loss of productivity.



Being paid without work would make others lazy and also cost the company for nothing.
Ideals and RightsIdeals: duty and care
Rights: know
It is the duty of the company to assign work to the employee and his right to know what he has been hired for.
ObligationsObligation to Employer and Shareholders.

Obligation to professionalism

Employee is obliged to work productively for benefit of the company and shareholders and professionally obliged to talk to manager.
ConsequencesHarm: Wastage of talent
Benefit: Asking for work
Employee should get consideration.
Employees complain should be heard so that he can work and benefit the company.
ActionsNot complaining

Complaining and asking for work

Leaving company

The employee can complain and ask for work or continue wasting time or leave the company at extreme.
Best ActionComplain and ask for workBest for all shareholders that the employee asks for work.

Ethical Analysis 9

FactsUnknown technology

Busy Work environment

Being asked to work on unknown technology, the employee is deciding whether or not to report it.




The situation would create stress for employee and family and negatively affect company
Ideals and RightsIdeals: fairness, duty and honestyIts manager’s and employee’s duty to discuss about it and employee should be honest in this case.
ObligationsObligation to profession, professionalism

Obligation to produce safe and sound product

Employee without knowledge cannot produce quality work and at professional level this needs to be discussed.
ConsequencesHarm: Low quality work
Benefit: Discuss and work productively
Employee should get consideration.
The company should train employees to new technologies.
ActionsWorking a way around

Reporting case to manager

The employee can either take help from others and do a shoddy job or discuss with manager.
Best ActionDiscuss with managerEmployee should report the case to manager and avoid low quality work.

Ethical Analysis 10

FactsDefense Project

Flawed design

Non concerned supervisor

Identifying a flawed design, employee reports the case to supervisor which has been rejected though implications are grave.


Department of Defense


Flawed design would jeopardize the safety of country and political relations
Ideals and RightsIdeals: duty and honesty
Rights: know
It’s the DoD’s right to know the design flaw and duty of Acme to be precise and accurate on this project.
ObligationsObligation to professionalism, produce safe and sound product and to owners and shareholdersEmployee is right in reporting concerns under professional and quality contract and shareholder reputation and safety.
ConsequencesHarm: Loss of face, security of people
Benefit: Avoiding wars and Acme’s reputation
Employee and Acme should get consideration
DoD would consider Acme’s situation and allow reworking design. Employee’s concern should be heard.
ActionsEscalating to others

Reassigning project

Whistle Blowing

Doing nothing

Each action has its own implications and apart from one would jeopardize nation’s security.
Best ActionEscalate to SeniorsAs nation’s defense is concerned the employee should report the case to executives and not bother about job.

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