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English Assignment Help OnlineFreeAssignmenthelp.Com is one of the most proficient online education assistance portals which provides English assignment help to the students across the world. It is one of the most prominent subjects which require Sound language skills and verbal knowledge to provide the best English essay help you are looking for. Our expert teams of professional essay writers are the best English assignment helpers who are committed to provide the best assistance to you. Students, who have adequate verbal and quantitative aptitude, generally succeed in academics. In the Anglophone world, the principal language of communication and academia is English which needs English assignment help. It is now spoken all over the world by an estimated 1 to 1.5 billion people. Of them, 430 million people speak this language as their mother tongue. Countries like Australia, UK and USA and Canada are the major English speaking nations of the world. These countries, not only have English as their official language, they also have the best English medium schools, colleges and universities in the world. So, if you are looking for English assignment help online by the best English assignment helpers, FreeAssignmenthelp.Com is your ideal destination. FreeAssignmenthelp.Com, world’s leading English assignment help provider brings you everything, from online English homework to English creative writing. There are mainly three varieties of this most used language of the world. It also has a number of dialects and sub-dialects. Students who are studying this popular language must take into consideration the differences between such varieties when they are writing their assignments. We provide our proficient English assignment help in all the three varieties:

British English

The language that is spoken and written in United Kingdom is called British English. It is a combination of various dialects spoken in different parts of Britain. However, due to historical reasons, the language that is spoken in London especially within the Royal Court has become the standard for academic English. If you are studying in the reputed universities of UK, you should refer to our UK English assignment help.

 North American English

It refers to all the dialects that are spoken in the United States of America and Canada. North American English is different from the British variety especially in     terms of its spelling. American English is heavily inspired by the lexicographer Noah Webster who wanted to develop a standard form, independent of the British English. If you are looking for North American English assignment help, subscribe to our proficient service.

Australian English

Australian English differ from both British English and American English in terms of spellings and pronunciation. Although English is not the official language of Australia, it is the most spoken language in Australia. FreeAssignmenthelp.Com also provides English essay help and English assignment help by the most efficient Australian experts.

In what English should an English assignment be written? What are the English online courses? How to develop an English creative writing? Chances are your spellings and pronunciation would depend much on which part you the world are you coming from. However, our friendly advice is that while speaking students should follow the Received Pronunciation (RP) and while writing they should follow style followed by British newspapers and publication houses such as The Times, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. Received Pronunciation or RP can be learnt by listening to BBC news. You will get every type of English assignment help in FreeAssignmenthelp.Com, the most proficient English assignment help provider.

English assignment syllabus samples

The scope of our English assignment help is vast. What can a student of literature expect to learn in English undergraduate and graduate program? College education forms the main pillar on which a person’s educational career stands. Graduate study on the other hand focuses on original research and independent study. If you are looking for “do my English assignment”, then you should be aware of the two levels discussed below:

  1. Undergraduate English: Undergraduate syllabus starts from 650 AD and goes up to 21st . It is divided into three main parts: early medieval, Victorian and modern literature. Apart from these papers, there are optional papers on specific authors like Shakespeare or on specific topics like Theories of Literary Criticism. For more information refer to our English assignment help.
  2. Graduate English: Graduate syllabus includes courses on specific periods of English language: 650-1550, 1550 -1700, 1700-1830, 1830-1914 and 1900-present. Apart from these specific time period, students are also required to study specific genres of literature. Some of the major genres are:
  • Medieval
  • Early Modern
  • 18thcentury
  • Romantic
  • Victorian
  • 20thcentury
  • Post Modernist etc.

These were some of the main subjects of research in higher academia and require English assignment help. Students might expect assignment from any of such topics. Apart from graduate and undergraduate study, doctoral and post doctoral research in English are also available for students who aspire for higher studies. For more information refer to our English assignment help. Read more-: English Essay Assignment Help

  1. Doctoral: In PhD, a student is required to carry out independent research on any particular area of this most popular language of the world: an author, a particular style, a book or even a short story in literature. The student is required to carry out in-depth research and come up with either an original argument or a reinterpretation of an already well-known argument. For more information refer to our English assignment help by the expert English assignment helpers.
  2. Post Doctoral: After finishing PhD, a student might apply for a post-doctoral research which involves carrying forward the PhD project and turning it into a published work. For more information refer to our English assignment help.

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English assignment help: problems and solutions

Like any other language, English assignment too has its own share of problems. Undergraduate and graduate students typically face problems such as like literary analysis, decoding the writings of difficult writers, tight deadlines and writer’s block. Therefore, our English assignment help are so popular among students. From online English courses help to English homework help, all the major issues associated with it are discussed below:

  1. Literary Analysis: Students struggling with their English assignments would surely agree that analyzing a piece of literature is the single most difficult thing a student has to do. So they refer to our English assignment help. Literary analysis has undergone several changes over the centuries. Some of the major theories of literary analysis are:
  • Theory of mimesis: A Greek theory which emphasizes likeness
  • Psychoanalysis: It emphasizes the unconscious desires and impulses that drive the characters and their actions
  • Deconstruction: A literary theory based on French philosopher Derrida’s philosophy which seeks to cull out the internal contradictions and tensions within the text
  • Marxist: Literary theory based on Karl Marx’s theories emphasizing class conflicts
  • Post Modernist: A theory emerging in the post-war scenario that puts into suspicion the very essence of modernity such as universal truth and ethics. To know more click here-: Essay on English Assignment Help

We provide the best literary analysis in our English assignment help service.

  1. Difficult writers and genres: Different writers write in varying levels of difficulty. There are some authors who are lucid. They are often quite clear in their arguments and prose style. On the other hand, there are authors who are inscrutable. Certain genres like magic realism can be also impenetrable. Writers like TS Eliot, James Joyce, Toni Morrison and Ayn Rand are considered as some of the most difficult of all writers. Similarly literary pieces, which contain magic realism, can be a bit daunting for first-time readers. Get a deeper analysis in our English assignment help
  2. Deadline and writer’s block: Deadlines can be an issue for literary scholars struggling with college or university assignments. Literature is certainly not science and no formulaic approach is possible. Students must think a bit and write. Finally a good revision is needed. Language should be tuned up as well so that it makes for a good read. Writer’s block is perhaps the most dreaded of all the problems. Students often fail to write because their mind turns numb. If you are facing this problem, refer to our English assignment help service by the most experienced English Assignment helpers.

According to the online  followed, some do look for professional help in this regard. FreeAssignmenthelp.Com always believes in custom essay help in English assignment help service for the indigent students of Australia, UK, USA and Canada. With their innovative skills and knowledge, our professional writers make each assignment a masterpiece, for which you can be proud of. So, if you are looking for English assignment helpers, then FreeAssignmenthelp.Com is our final destination which can help you to reach your aspiring goal. The ideal English assignment help will fetch you the highest grades.

Some of the key points you should remember you should be methodical and organized before writing the essay. It should be lucid in writing as well as precise and supported with relevant facts and information. It is mandatory that you construct grammatically correct sentences. Our English assignment helpers are competent enough to provide them.

English Assignment Help with FreeAssignmenthelp.Com

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