ENEM14015 Dynamic System Modelling

ENEM14015 Dynamic System Modelling

ENEM14015 Dynamic System ModellingSchool of Engineering and Technology

Individual Portfolio
This assessment accounts for 100% of your unit grade and relates to all unit learning outcomes.


Laboratory Workbook

Due:Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017

(but feel free to submit earlier to get earlier feedback)

Final Portfolio

Due: Tuesday17 Oct 2017

1 Introduction

100% of formal assessment for this unit is by submission of this Portfolio which should contain all of your individual work this term. Portfolio submissions allow you to choose the method that best demonstrates how you have attained the unit learning outcomes and to what level. This approach is consistent with project-base-learning units at CQUniversity and many other universities.

Your Portfolio must only contain work you individually produced during thisunit. This work will be used to demonstrate your personal attainment of the unit learning outcomes. It is highly recommended that you include all individual work completed in this unit as this enables you to easily hyperlink specific evidence of your learning achievements.

It is highly recommended that you work on your Portfolio every week so you capture all of your learning achievements. By the end of term your Portfolio should clearly show that by participating in all the team projects and individual activities you have attained at least a sound level of achievement for all unit learning outcomes.

Preparing your portfolio is a significant task which is explained by looking at the compulsory sections.

2 Portfolio Sections

There are eight possiblesections to your Portfolio:

  1. Individual Grade Nomination and Learning Outcomes Evidence
  2. Individual Workbook
  3. Attempted Demonstration Problems and Tutorial Questions
  4. Self and Peer Assessment Results
  5. Individual Lab Book
  6. Individual Reflective Journal
  7. Appendix: Matlab/Simulink and other supporting electronic files

The following sections explain how to layout the different sections. You can use a different format but you should check with the teaching team. It is suggested you create the portfolio in Microsoft Word and then convert this to a single pdf document as this allows the use of hyperlinks to evidences.

2.1       Individual Grade Nomination

In this section students are required to nominate and justify their grade for this unit. Do not attempt to create your Individual Grade Nomination the week before your portfolio is due. It will be significantly easier if you routinely add to your Individual Grade Nomination throughout the term. In following this procedure, students will need to apply the “Portfolio Assessment Criteria” which is available on the Moodle Unit site and also in Appendix A.

2.1.1       Grade Nomination Table

Insert the following Table 1 with the evaluation of your level of achievement for each learning outcome (Acceptable, Good or Excellent).

Table 1: Grade Nomination

Learning outcomeLevel of Achievement
1. Design mathematical models that analyse and evaluate mechanical systemsChoose an item.
2. Explain and apply control theory and control system approaches to mechanical systemsChoose an item.
3. Explain the role of engineering assumptions in building mathematical models of mechanical systemsChoose an item.
4. Relate theory to problems of introducing, operating and maintaining mechanical systems in the industrial contextChoose an item.
5. Identify and evaluate engineering uncertainty and the limitations of mathematical modelsChoose an item.
6. Work collaboratively in a team to produce high quality outputsChoose an item.
7. Create professional documentation using mechanical systems terminology, symbols and diagramsChoose an item.
Proposed overall grade for the unit (see Table 2Grading Rubric)Choose an item.

Table 2: Grading Rubric

Fail·         Unacceptable in one or more learning outcomes.
Pass·         A minimum of Acceptable in all learning outcomes.
Credit·         A minimum of Good in 3 learning outcomes.
Distinction·         A minimum of Excellent in 2 learning outcomes and a maximum of 2 learning outcomes at Acceptable.
High Distinction·         A minimum of Excellent in 5 learning outcomes and a maximum of 1 learning outcome at Acceptable;

·         Or a minimum of Excellent in 4 learning outcomes and the remainder at Good.

2.1.2       Learning Outcome Evidences/Justification

The level nominated for each learning outcome needs to be justified by a number of evidences. For this section you will need to refer to the Detailed Assessment Criteria shown on the moodle unit site, this is also shown in Appendix A. You need to provide evidence for each point in the criteria. To ensure you address all of the points it is recommended that you address these points individually.

Evidences should be clearly referenced with a page number and hyperlinked to the relevant location in your portfolio (for the hyperlinks it is preferred you use bookmarks in Microsoft Word as this takes the reader to the exact point). You can use any section of your portfolio for evidence (including the demonstration problems and your reflective journal). Provide a very brief sentence of what the evidence/s shows. Examples of an evidence tablesare shown in the following text:

LO1: Design mathematical models that analyse and evaluate mechanical systems

Individual CriteriaEvidence
Demonstrated ability to identify linear and rotational systems.·          My work done for project 1 is the best evidence (Page #.#) other examples include work done for project 3.
Demonstrated ability to derive equations of motion for 1DOF systems.·          My work done for project 2 is the best evidence (Page #.#) other examples include attempts at the demonstration problem 1 (page #.#)

·          Examples of my work deriving equations is shown in completed tutorial questions on (Page #.#) and (Page #.#).

Identification of the number of DOF’s present in a system.
…continue for all the other criteria points in LO1 ensure you have covered all of the points up to the level you nominated in your previous Grade Nomination Table…NOTE:If you believe an excellent criteria level would also cover points in the acceptable and good, you can just include the excellent criteria your evidence links.

LO2: Explain and apply control theory and control system approaches to mechanical systems

Individual CriteriaEvidence
Demonstrate the ability to create a Laplace transform from a modelling equation.1.     I created many Laplace transforms from modelling equations as shown in my project work (Page #.#) (Page #.#) and demonstration problem 1 (page #.#), and demonstration problem 2 (page #.#).
Demonstrate the ability to construct a feedback loop controller and model in Simulink
…continue for other criteria points in LO2 ensure you have covered all of the points for the level nominated in your previous Grade Nomination Table…

ENEM14015 Dynamic System Modelling

Continue for the remaining Learning outcomes…

When grading, the teaching staff will be guided by you on where to look in your portfolio, so it may help to show evidence for the higher levels even if you have nominated a lower level.  Use many evidences just in casesome of your evidence does not fulfil the criteria, or its relevance is not clear to the marker.

2.2       Individual Workbook

The Individual Workbook will contain all your own individual project notes, theory development, explorations in design, portions of project work which you individually completed or made substantial contributions to. Any contributions by others should be clearly indicated. For this reason it is important to keep notes of your work done for each of the projects, showing the progression of your work through the project to your final contributions.

Also include in your workbook of improvements made to Project work after feedback is received by the teaching team. If the teaching team highlighted errors in your project work you may need to improve on if you want to use it as evidence, especially if aiming for a good or excellent level. Ensure you clearly indicate if any material previously submitted has been updated or improved on.

Scanning of a paper workbook is suggested to save time. It is not required to have assignment level presentation so sections/work crossed out, freehand sketches and failed attempts of work are ok. Scanned sections can be intermixed with screen shots and final sections you individually completed in the project reports.Ensure you briefly document your methods used and working throughout your workbook as this will help strengthen and explain the evidences.

2.3 Attempted Demonstration Problems and Tutorial Questions

In this section include answers to any attempted Demonstration Problems, Tutorial Questions or any additional questions or other non-project work.

A selection of optional demonstration problems will be made available on the Moodle for students to complete and include in their final portfolio. Completing these problems will assist students to demonstrate their individual achievement of the Learning Outcomes. The demonstration problems are closely related to the projects, so a high involvement in the projects will help with the demonstration problems. Students are not limited or confined to the demonstration problems but are free to include their own exploration of the unit content by individually extending (or correcting) the group projects or choosing other questions to demonstrate the Learning Outcomes.

A Distinction or High Distinction Level will require a demonstration of a high individual achievement of the Learning Outcomes and the demonstration problems and other individual work will assist the student in creating the necessary evidence for this. Without any Demonstration Problems or other individual questions it will be very difficult to attain a High Distinction, unless you can demonstrate an exception level of involvement in the projects. Direct transcribing of any provided worked tutorial solutions cannot be used as evidence.

2.4       Self and Peer Assessment Results (SPA)

At the end of each project students will be required to grade their team members on their performance within the team. This information will help each students identity where they need to improve in their team involvement and provide students with possible evidence of attainment of Learning Outcome 6.You will need to summariseyour “Self and Peer Assessment” results for all four projects in one single table. You should briefly comment on any improvements/reductions in performance throughout the term.  In this section also provide the verbose results for each peer assessment.

2.5       Individual Lab Book

There is a hands-on laboratory program in the unit to aid your understanding and is addressed directly in Learning Outcome 4. All students, Internal and Distance, will complete a full laboratory program (The Rockhampton laboratory program – Residential School is in Week 4 for the Rockhampton students and the Distance students). Internal students at other campuses will be advised of the date of your laboratory program early in the term.

Formal laboratory reports are not requested however students are requested to record results, calculations, discussion and conclusions in their individual lab book as indicated in the provided lab sheets on the moodle site. The lab book will help by providing evidence for parts of the required portfolio assessment criteria. The lab book is to scanned and submitted online on Tuesday in Week 12 (however it can be submitted earlier). Feedback will be given on the submitted lab book to enable student to determine the appropriateness of it for use as evidence in their final portfolio. A satisfactory Lab Book Submission is required to Pass the unit.

An earlier submission of the lab book allows earlier feedback from the teaching team. You can use the feedback to improve your lab book prior to the submission of the portfolio. Clearly state if you have made any improvements to the lab book and include the improved lab book or parts in the final portfolio.

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