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Teaching period

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Assignment overview

For this assignment you are required to write an individual argumentative essay on socialisation and its impact on children’s learning and development. This essay should assist you in working towards demonstrating key elements of Standard 1 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: ‘know students and how they learn’. In this essay, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn, children’s physical, social and intellectual development, and how culture and other factors impact on teaching strategies.

Related learning outcomes

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:

1.Analyse the social, cultural, historical and environmental factors that affect development and learning

2.Explain how the socialisation impacts upon child development.

Assignment details

Your essay will discuss a range of aspects of socialisation including aims, agents, methods and outcomes. You should discuss methods or strategies that can be used to support socialisation and what potential effect these may have on child development.

1.Define socialisation and describe the aims of socialisation (why it is important).

2.Identify and describe five key agents of socialisation.

3.Provide examples of three methods based on theoretical understandings that support socialisation.

4.Explain the potential outcomes (how socialisation impacts on child development and learning).

5.Identify how social, cultural, historical and environmental factors may impact upon teaching strategies.

Your essay should be supported by relevant literature, to demonstrate your knowledge of the theoretical models underpinning socialisation. It should be written in third person.

Addi!onal resources

The following resources will support you in completing this assignment:

Referencing guide ( (this includes guidelines on how to cite and

reference ACARA and ELYF).

Assignment support ) .

Essay writing guide ( .

Submission details overview

This assignment will be submitted via Turnitin. You will find the relevant submission point below.

Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for an originality report to be generated. See the Turnitin originality report( area of Study Resources for several guides to assist with the submission process.

Assignment support

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Assignment criteria

To receive maximum marks you must demonstrate clarity and understanding of the topic and offer interpretation of the issues and implications together with a very high level of scholarship.

1. Analysis

Examine socialisation to identify and discuss all aspects including aims, agents, methods and potential outcomes.

Identify and discuss influencing social, cultural, historical and environmental factors.

Identify how influencing factors may impact upon teaching strategies. 2. Depth and breadth

Draw on relevant academic readings and references to support your discussion.

Consideration and depth of thought regarding topic. 3. Academic expression and referencing

Accurate and coherent throughout.

Academic standard of writing including grammar, spelling and expression. Adherence to APA referencing style.

Essay structure includes introduction, main body and conclusion.

Relationships between ideas are evident.

EDU20003 Contemporary Perspecves Learning Development

Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:


No Pass




High Distinction








Did not

Key concepts

Key concepts are

Key concepts are

Analysis demonstrates a



including methods

both described and

summarised and

creative and thoughtful



and agents are

discussed. Analysis

discussed in

synthesis of ideas. The essay


described. A

noting how some

relation to factors

draws clear critical links



factors affect

and contexts.

between aims, agents,


analysis noting

socialisation is


methods and outcomes while


how some factors


demonstrates a

drawing on and discussing a


affect and impact


solid understanding

range of social, cultural,


socialisation is

demonstrates both

of the topic and

historical and environmental



an understanding of

ability to think

factors with some depth.


showing an

the topic but also

critically around the

These factors are clearly


understanding of

understanding of the

key themes. Topic

identified in relation to how


the topic.

key themes and

is well considered

they may impact teaching


factors underpinning

and analysis

strategies. Clear cohesive


and affecting

displays a coherent

argument displayed



flow of thought.


Depth and

Did not

Key points are

Key points are

Clear and concise

A range of relevant and clearly



discussed and

discussed. Clearly

discussions of key

considered academic readings



beginning links to


points including

both from within the unit and


factors and

contributing factors

contributing factors

more widely have been used,


methods are

and potential effects.

(aims, agents,

and integrated to produce an


present. Some

Uses select

methods) and

interesting and insightful


readings that

references that

potential effects.

discussion of the topic.


generally support

relate to the topic,

Consideration and

Considers contextual factors


the idea are used,

showing some

discussion of

and makes clear links to


however are not

understanding of the

effects and how

underpinning theory. Makes


wide ranging

broader context.

these link specific

clear and well-considered links


and/or used with


teaching strategies.

between factors, outcomes


limited analysis


Uses a range of

and teaching strategies.


and discussion of


sources that


broader context.


support the analysis


Depth of topic is


and key points


mostly descriptive.


being made.



Did not

Literature is

Essay structure is

Accurate and

Essay flows seamlessly,



summarised in

consistent with

coherent. A clear

systematically integrating



own words.

format and style

essay structure with

source information. Essay



Structure generally

expected. Literature

logical paragraphs

structure shows clear



aligns with essay

is summarised in

and consideration

consideration to audience,


format and

own words with

to essay format and

style, argumentative essay



some attention to

audience. Mostly

structure and expected format.


introduction, main

essay flow and

consistent spelling,

Techniques consistent with


body and

structure. There has

grammar and

persuasive essay language


conclusion. APA

been some

application of APA

are demonstrated, showing


referencing and

consideration to

style referencing

links between ideas and thread


citing is generally

writing for and

and citation.

of argument across



engaging an


paragraphs. Consistent


audience. Mostly


spelling, grammar and APA


consistent APA style


style referencing and citation


referencing and


used throughout.


citation applied




Assessment declaration and statement of authorship

By submitting my assignments below I declare that:

this is an original piece of work and no part has been completed by any other person than signed below

I have read and understood the guidelines on How to avoid plagiarism resources/how-avoid-plagiarism-0) , and no part of this work has been copied or paraphrased from any other sourceexcept where this has been clearly acknowledged in the body of the assignment and included in the reference list

to avoid plagiarism detection, I have noted on the front page of my assignment that I have previously submitted this for another unit (Name of unit and TP)

I have retained a copy of this assignment in the event of it becoming lost or damaged.


I agree and acknowledge that:

I have read and understood the declaration and statement of authorship above

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If I do not agree to the Swinburne Assessment Declaration in this context, the outcome of my assignment may not be valid for assessment purposes and may not be included in my aggregate score for this unit.

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