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Ecology Assignment HelpEcology is the scientific study of the connection of living or moving organisms with each other and their surroundings. Ecosystems can also be defined by a network, web, or community of individuals that organize into a self-organized and complex hierarchy of pattern and process. Ecosystems generate a biophysical feedback between living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) elements of an environment that produces and regulates the biochemical cycles of the planet. Ecosystems provide services and goods that assist general well-being and human societies. Ecosystems are carried by biodiversity within them. Biodiversity is the actual size of life and its procedures, including species, genes and ecosystems composing lineages that combine into a complex and regenerative spatial arrangement of forms, types, and interactions.

Ecology is the biological discipline that deals with the interactions between creatures and their environment. This environment is grand total of the physical environment (including temperature, wind, soil acidity and water availability) and biological environment which contains any influences on an organism that are exerted by other creatures including competition, depredation, and cooperation.

There are different identifiable categories of ecology –

  • Organism Ecology: In response to environmental conditions, study of individual creature’s physiology and behavior.
  • Population Ecology: It is the basic study of the population species and their relation with the environment they live in.
  • Community ecology: Study of communications among population species in an abiotic environment including species’ diversity.
  • Ecosystem ecology: Study of the energy movement and its matters through whole, ecosystem. It includes tropic levels, nutrient cycling, and food webs.
  • Landscape ecology: It is the general study of the interaction between ecology and geography.
  • Global Ecology: Through study of the global environment such as, earth’s ecosystems and its atmosphere.
  • Molecular ecology: With the help of molecular biology, it is the study of ecology.

Significance of Learning Ecology:

Ecology is only predictable in the light of evolution. This gigantic biodiversity is the outcome of millions of years of evolution. This subject helps to understand the consequence of pollution control systems and conservation strategies. It describes the fact that natural selection will favor those genes that are passed on to upcoming generation, even if these genes can be the cause of a reduction in the species population size. Environment and Genes are given equivalent importance in the study of ecology.

Ecology is a complex matter where mathematical models are used to test the hypothesis in different aspects. Even in the study of ecology, Chemistry and Physics are also integrated. The space in a forest canopy or after a storm the breaching of a sand dune will have a prime effect on the ecology of the local flora and fauna, but both are uncertain in either location or time.

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