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  • September 21, 2016
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Strategic Marketing Plan Of Watershed Wines

Task 1

  1. The leader of a company makes the marketing plans and strategies for the improvement of the particular organization. The company considered here is MacDonald’s. Therefore, I would ask Leader for clarifications on marketing activities and plans(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). The leader has the description of the current marketing positions of business. He can provide a description of the current marketing mix that a company will utilize for the achievement of their marketing objectives. According to leaders, the best marketing requires preparation and focus to that development are the improvements of a proper marketing plan. The clarification includes the building of the company’s brand(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). Subsequently, the identity, legitimacy and the unique differences are also created that make the company worthy of public support.
  2. The five common marketing activities in which a company might invest are described below:

  • Cold-Calling

Cold-Calling is marketing technique where the companies only call people over the telephone and offer them services. The individuals who were formerly unaware of the organization might have their attentiveness settled by the call.

  • Search Engine Marketing

It is another marketing activity where MacDonald’s creates websites(Ramos and Cota, 2009). These websites are among the top results on the search engines. Suppose a customer is searching for a product or service, the customer is provided with some distributors from which he or she can get the service or product(Kennedy and Hauksson, 2012).

  • Articles and Newsletters

Articles and Newsletters are another marketing activities. Most of the companies apply this method as it is very common. People often receives advertisements of the companies in articles and newsletters.

  • Placement of product in entertainment

The online game players frequently notice products from a portion of the script or scene. The organizations pay for this privileges.

  • Trade show performances

The trade show performance is a traditional way of spreading to the people about the brand. The organizations like MacDonald’s looks for retailers who can carry their product. Trade shows are a form of business to business or B2B marketing.

  1. The three criteria for selecting the best marketing activities for the market group are listed below:
  • Identification of the priorities. The resources should be prioritized and enable MacDonald’s to choose the best consumer as well as market opportunities.
  • Provision of a direct-line-of-sight among the investments and activities of marketing along with the business results and outcomes(Lagarde, 2013).
  • The criteria also include guides for the creation of the organization’s marketing dashboards and metrics.
  1. Apart from a couple of marketing activities, there are some recommended marketing activities for the manager of an organization. The approved marketing activities are:
  • Selection of products

Selection products is an important marketing activity of MacDonald’s. A manufacturer or service provider ideally listens to its customers and prospects before settling on item and service decisions. However, the companies analyze consumer purchasing trends, conduct market research surveys, and study opponents’ product sales practices to learn what is the need and desires of the customers.

  • Winning the customer service

Customers are the source of income of an organization. So it is significant to take care of the customers. An active customer to the business relationship is required for the good of the company(Milisavljevic, 2013). If MacDonald’s has worse customer service, then no one can save the company to run on losses.

  • Pricing of products or services

The service or products esteeming requires MacDonald’s to analyze each product’s market. Here, comparison of competitors’ prices for comparable services or product is made, and decisions are taken about what price the market will accept. But this calculated danger makes evaluating activities an evolving skill rather than an exact science. Moreover, businesses may rate a product based on the product’s status inside the market. For example, an organization may introduce a new flavored coffee to a market with several other types of beverages(Wooliscroft, 2011).

  • Digital marketing

It is a particular term for the commercialization of services or products for the utilization of computerized technologies for the most part on the Internet. Digital marketing consists of search engine optimization or SEO, content marketing, search engine marketing or SEM, content computerization, influencer marketing, social media marketing, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing(Chaffey et al., 2014).


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