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  • May 26, 2018
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Strategic Decision Making Health Care

Strategic Decision Making in Health Care

Strategic Decision Making Health CareThe risk and liability assessment in a health care organization is very important because, it shows a health care’s risk management support and the safety of the patients, it offers responsibilities and authorities for enacting the assessment plans and lastly, it gives the purpose consistency within the given organization. Statement of purpose, objectives and goals, monitoring and improvement, responsibility and authority for implementation, committee and administrative structures and scope and functions are the major elements of risk and liability assessment. The main goals and objectives of this plan is to; improve the safety of every patient, prevent and reduce harm, errors and system breakdowns, ensure the protection of organizational resources and to reduce liability losses and clinical risks. The scope and functions ensure that; specific places and areas with very high effects on safety and risks are noted down, the functions and responsibilities of risk managements are clearly described and every functional area and entire operation are spanned by the risk management (ECRI, 2011).

Risk managers can be described as those individuals who have undergone trainings on how to handle different issues in various settings. These professionals work majorly under different areas of the medical administration. These might include; emergency readiness, clinical researches, management of events and incidents, human and psychological healthcare and claims of management, financing and insurance. On the other hand, the healthcare managers help in identifying and the evaluation of various risks as a way of injury reduction in patients, the members of staff and the visitors who come in the organization. Risk managers work very hard to either prevent the incidents or to limit the damages that occur after the event. Therefore, the healthcare managers and the risk managers should work hand in hand to reduce the risks that may affect the lives of the patients.

Taking a good look at the information from other sources and previous researches, managers are required to perform organization-specific analyses of risks so that potential risks could be indicated. These analyses are expected to identify various factors like; the type of risks that could take place, measuring the chances of a risk to happen, how severe the result can be if at all the risk occurred, the actions to be taken to limit the effects of the happening, how the likelihood of something to happen can be mitigated and finally the various things that can and those that cannot be avoided. By analyzing the results, risk managers can take a look at likelihood of various events and their effects not forgetting the risks involved. With this analysis, the managers can then come up with the plans for appropriately handling risks.

Strategic Decision Making Health Care

The health care managers can also maintain compliance and prevent litigation by keeping supervision and making sure that expired prescriptions are not filled up. When patients are sent enough prescription expiration notifications, the communication between patients and the doctors will be supported and hence the reduction of medication abuse. Managers can also help by following up on test results that go missing. The development of a proper plan to monitor and control these test result receipts give an assurance that the results have been reviewed and patients can be consulted. Managers can help in the prevention of immobility and falls. They need to make little modifications to bed rails, toilets and bathtubs that do not have grab bars, the lightings of the organization and keeping check of the ground conditions in order to limit the risks of these hazards.

Every health care organization requires people who can help them in the development, the management and the implementation of a very effective healthcare compliance program. The individual who ensures that the healthcare compliance program is always kept in the current is the chief compliance officer. These include every procedure and policy that is considered as a part of the program. In larger healthcare organizations, this cannot be a one man job. It will therefore need many people and a full house department devoted to these healthcares. Healthcare organizations are expected to also obey the regulations that rely on non-healthcare businesses like the even employment opportunities and the safety of occupations and health administrations (Michael, 2017).

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