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SOC101C00 Introduction to Sociology

Khalil Alareer

Professor: Laura Howe

SOC101C00 Introduction to Sociology I: Final Paper

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SOC101C00 Introduction to SociologyDecember 10, 2016

For the purpose of final project, it is required to choose ten concepts which we have studied in this course. Sociology has enlightened us with various concepts and it had shown its practical aspects in day to day life. Out of so many concepts it was tough to decide which one to leave and which one to choose. Yet, I have managed to choose ten concepts on which I am supposed to explain them and how they are influencing and having an impact in my life. Those ten concepts are: culture, culture of poverty, deviance, education in global perspective, social class, ideology, achievement and success, standards of gender, race and aggregate.

Starting from the discussion of culture, it means “the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that are passed from one generation to the next” (Henslin, 2011, p. 36). For example, the United Sates is a multicultural country. Every human is following some kind of culture inspired from a particular set of beliefs, traditions, older generations etc.

As per my life, culture plays an important role. It is an essential part which substantiates my existence. It defines me and is one of many aspects which help in proving my identity. All humans believes in some or the other kind of culture. Similarly, I have faith in certain sets of my traditions and beliefs and I live according to those cultures and traditions. I have learnt about my culture from my parents and ancestors. Since my childhood, just by way of noticing them, I started adopting those cultural aspects in my life.

The second concept is Culture of poverty. It is based on the assumption that the values of poor make them primarily different from other people. There thought process and other factors are largely responsible behind the reason of poverty. And, poverty-stricken parents spread poverty across generations by passing these characteristics to their children. The concept argues that poverty exist in our society in spite of the fact that various anti-poverty programs are held on a large scale (Society Pages, 2016).

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