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  • September 12, 2016
  • David Marks
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Pure Land Cyber Security Assessment


This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. In no event shall the United States Government or its contractors or subcontractors be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages and including damages based on any negligence of the United States Government or its contractors or subcontractors, arising out of, resulting from, or in any way connected with this report, whether or not based upon warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, whether or not injury was sustained from, or arose out of the results of, or reliance upon the report.

The DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service, including the subject of the assessment or evaluation in this report.  Any reference to specific commercial products, processes, or services by trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by DHS.

The display of the DHS official seal or other DHS visual identities on this report shall not be interpreted to provide the recipient organization authorization to use the official seal, insignia or other visual identities of the Department of Homeland Security.   The DHS seal, insignia, or other visual identities shall not be used in any manner to imply endorsement of any commercial product or activity by DHS or the United States Government.  Use of the DHS seal without proper authorization violates federal law (e.g., 18 U.S.C. §§ 506, 701, 1017), and is against DHS’s policies governing usage of the seal.

The report is prepared and intended for internal use by the organization that made the request.  The contents of this report may be subject to government or private intellectual property rights.  To request distribution of this report outside the organization for which it was prepared, contact the CSET® Program Office.  The contents of this report may be reproduced or incorporated into other reports, but may not be modified without the prior express written permission of the CSET® Program Office.


CSET is only one component of the overall cyber security picture and should be complemented with a robust cyber security program within the organization. A self-assessment with CSET cannot reveal all types of security weaknesses, and should not be the sole means of determining an organization’s security posture.

The tool will not provide an architectural analysis of the network or a detailed network hardware/software configuration review. It is not a risk analysis tool so it will not generate a complex risk assessment. CSET is not intended as a substitute for in depth analysis of control system vulnerabilities as performed by trained professionals. Periodic onsite reviews and inspections must still be conducted using a holistic approach including facility walk downs, interviews, and observation and examination of facility practices. Consideration should also be given to additional steps including scanning, penetration testing, and exercises on surrogate, training, or non-production systems, or systems where failures, unexpected faults, or other unexpected results will not compromise production or safety.

CSET assessments cannot be completed effectively by any one individual. A cross-functional team consisting of representatives from operational, maintenance, information technology, business, and security areas is essential. The representatives must be subject matter experts with significant expertise in their respective areas. No one individual has the span of responsibility or knowledge to effectively answer all the questions.

Data and reports generated by the tool should be managed securely and marked, stored, and distributed in a manner appropriate to their sensitivity.


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