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  • September 7, 2016
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Public Relations Report On United Air Lines


Overview of United Air Lines

United Air Lines is a major American Airline that has it’s headquarter in Chicago. It is the largest airline in the world according to the figure of destinations served by the company. It is found to be the second largest Airline Company as per the number of passengers and kilometres flown by any airlines company in the world. The company operates wide-ranging international and domestic flights all across the Asia-Pacific region. Star Alliance was by United Air Lines which is the world largest alliance of airline companies. The services of Star Alliance is operated by the brand United Express. The major competitors of United Air Lines are Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. The company operates around nine airlines hubs located in different cities of the USA (, 2016). The major hubs are presented in Houston, New York, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Guam, Tokyo and San Francisco. It also has maintenance bases at Orlando and Cleveland. It is the first airline to operate the Boeing 767. Along with that, it was the first airline to bring in the Boeing 777 as a commercial flight.

The company announced the plan to acquire the US airways that became a major controversy in the year 2001. But, later on the company withdrew its proposal because of the legal issues that occurred due the news of the merger. The main route map of the company is its business. The route map of the company is quite simple and straightforward. The company implies the strategy of moving forward with its business by working for the society and community. The company employs around 85,000 people all around the globe (United Airlines, 2016). It is known for the facilities that are provided by the company to its customers. Along with that, the company is also known for maintaining a proper corporate social responsibility that helps it to seek success and have a sustainable growth of business. It has been seen that the company has used several strategies to maintain a sustainable environment in the organization. The paper has been developed to draw a public relations plan that will help the company to develop its brand image and seek a competitive edge in the market. The paper aims to present a campaign that will be used by the company to develop its corporate social responsibilities towards its stakeholders and develop a campaigning plan for implementing the new strategies. An in-depth review of the corporate social responsibilities of the company has been presented to understand the need of the campaign. Furthermore, the strategy and tactics have been discussed along with the public relations plan that will be used to make the campaign successful in the market. The campaign will help the United Air Lines to seek popularity in the market by meeting its corporate social responsibilities and seek success in the market. The paper also presents the evaluation techniques that will be used to judge the achievement of the campaign and see how well the campaign will be capable of achieving its goals and objectives.

In-depth review of United’s corporate social responsibilities

The road map of United Airlines has been specifically designed so that the corporate social responsibility to the public can be achieved at the highest business level. Understanding the operational management structure and purpose of the business, the multinational organization has developed significant organizational framework to support the public servicers as well as public relationship build up (Bernays, 2002). The core values of the organization have been stated in a straightforward way to develop the public relationship with the customers at the global business platform. Realizing the social corporate responsibility towards the society and the organizational employees, the MNC has supported its services according to the core structure. Identifying the proficiency in the business culture, United Airlines has delivered safe and reliable services to the customers. Furthermore, the main value of the services is to treat the customers as chief guests as they are the major stakeholders to the services. Also, it is a dream for the organization to make the organization the most significant flyer-friendly airlines at the global platform increasing the reputation and relationship with the customers. Being honest in the services, the MNC supports the power of the teamwork to treat the customers with dignity and respect. In addition to the CSR of the organization put value on commitment to maintain safety and compliance. Alongside to this, the CSR of United Airlines votes to become a conscientious corporate citizen promoting diversity in the work culture.


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