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  • September 13, 2016
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Part 1 Organisational Report


In the college sector, change is always directed towards improvement of the study method, in terms of achievement at a greater scale. The existing strategies in education field are always suggested to be assessed in this first part of the set of assessments, in order to comprehend if there are any loopholes in the entire system of policies adopted.

1. Critical evaluation of a situational analysis for OSAC International College with current performance, productivity, competitive position and key challenges

With an objective of providing education to in-land and the international students also, OSAC International was established in 2010. No sooner, OSAC has emerged as one of the most trusted and recognised private education institution in Singapore with major specializations offered in Culinary Management, Hospitality Management and Business Management Programmed. OSAC has also built a firm foundation, which is mostly recognised as an educational hub, that delivers wide range of management courses to the students both from inside and the outer parts of Singapore with excellent teaching methods.

The most valued mission for the management of OSAC was to empower the students with needful skills, knowledge and abilities, which can potentially transform their lives through comprehensive guidance on education. OSAC have been found with a priority to seek their understand ability over the needs of the students. They also proudly value their academic partners and teaching staff in order to ensure equality measure to be practiced and maintained within a safe work culture and also to sustain safe workplace and study environment. They also have shown enough amount of confidence to themselves, by cultivating a conductive environment, which helped to enable their students and staff to reach at the height potential. According to Boehm et al. (2014, p.35), the management of OSAC International College aims at combining the positive energy, that invigorates their large number of students around the world and innumerous staff, in order to stay on their journey of study and sharing work culture in community. OSAC International College has reached almost at the desired height, as planned by them since their birth in 2010. The graduation rate they had achieved last year has left many reputed international institutions behind with a success rate of 82% in graduation (, 2016). They have also triumphed over the faculty performance rating with 89% and programme quality rating with 90%. 90% success in satisfaction for student support service has surprised the entire international education sector across the world.

When the SWOT analysis of OSAC International College was undertaken, the following assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the college were found:

StrengthsThe college has a reputation of imparting quality education to the college, which has led to a consistently remarkable academic results in all the streams
WeaknessesThe college lacks provisions for encouragement of innovation in terms of imparting quality education to learners
OpportunitiesThe strength of the college may lead to attract new learners from all over the world
ThreatsThe college may be subjected to lag behind in competitions due to its system of imparting education in a traditional manner and not encouraging modern and innovative methods

Table 1: SWOT analysis of OSAC International College

(Source: Learner)

Through the SWOT analysis, the individual has inferred that the organisation has a positive record of excellent academic results, which implies that the college has been providing its students with quality education right from the foundation of the college. Moreover, as recommended by Beverly (2010, p.89), the management of the college has been keeping an eye on the new strategies that may be inculcated in the college, that shall enhance the learning experience of the students of any stream that the college offers. However, the college suffers from the fault of overlooking the factor that it needs technologically advanced gadgets in the infrastructure of the organisation, which may trigger growth of the organisation both within and without. It could lead the organisation to face serious difficulties during times of crisis. It also could face difficulty in making a mark in its objective of imparting quality education to its learners. Besides, as contemplated by Helms and Nixon (2010, p.235), the organisation also could fail in attracting more learners. Therefore, the individual feels that the traditional method of imparting education must be enriched with the practise of encouraging students to opt for advanced methods in the task of acquiring knowledge.

Along with the SWOT analysis, an undertaken PESTLE analysis of the educational organisation has shown that the college is faring well in all the six factors, related to the tool, that are the parameters of success of organisations.


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