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Identify Self Managed Learning Approaches


Identify Self Managed Learning ApproachesThe evolving of the personal and professional development is a structural means with the support of which personal and professional goals can be set out, critical thinking can be developed and scope of learning can be elaborated. It can also be said as an arrangement with the professional program of a study. PPD encompasses with all types of learning opportunities that even includes the academic credentials like formal degree courses, work shop learning, internship programs and other training opportunities that are provided to enhance the scope of knowledge and skills.


P1.1 Identify self managed learning approaches

The approach of learning through self managed initiatives which acts as a mirror for the management process.  It basically depicts the individual learning initiatives that are adopted from the various components of self directed initiatives. It can be termed as a holistic approach towards an individual and is further underpinned by strong values. The elements of SML usually focus on an individual responsibility for learning in such a way which will reflect the natural management process. However, SML is also found in an organizational need so that an individual can learn firmly in the context of an organization. (Gibbons, 2003)

Identify Self Managed Learning Approaches


Mentioned below are the key features of a SML program:

  • It is not different from the learner who is responsible for designing the same in accordance to the perceived needs
  • Sufficient time must be provided during the characterization phase so that an individual can decide and clarify the learning needs
  • Support must be provided during the transition period when an individual is familiarizing with the approach
  • The learning experiences must be identified in order to satisfy the needs through the process of mapping

Blueprint of an SML Program

Discussed below are the various approaches to self managed learning:

  • Seminars and conferences: individuals can learn by attending various seminars and conferences as they act as an effective tool which would provide them a unique opportunity to showcase their own knowledge on various issues and can gain from others ideas and information provided. It has been observed that a platform like this are a dynamic source of learning and also helps the employees of the organization to improve their presentation skills, develops self confidence, transferable skills which are further helpful in numerous organizational settings that will ultimately empower both the company and the employees
  • Social networks: various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc can also act as an important source of self learning only if people share their knowledge and ideas on the various current issues or other information through the bulletin boards or forums.
  • Internet: it is a widely accepted fact that internet is the home of a vast amount of data. It has been observed that a general search of internet on any issue allows people to access all the information available from all over the world. By accessing such data an individual can acquire the knowledge they might need in order to be successful at the workplace.
  • Learning from others: In this method the learning is based on the support and guidance of the mentors and the coaches which offers different learning assistance and adopts different techniques to support the educational initiatives. The coach provides learning development to the participants to equip them with the advanced knowledge based skills and expertise that provides them with the scope of personal and professional development. This process of learning style is best suited to help the participants by developing their individual learning approaches and styles and stimulating their best potentials. On the other hand, a mentor is more inclined to offer support and guidance to the participants to make the training program and its objectives more effective. He provides orientation of the workplace culture. Functions and other company related policies to the new hired employees and also monitors their progress.

(Cunnigham, 1999)

Identify Self Managed Learning Approaches

P.1.2 Suggest ways that encourage the scope of lifelong learning in personal and professional development

The term whole time learning can be described as a continuous scope of self learning in the personal capacity of an individual and further how it can leave a positive impact on the professional context of any individual. In case of an organization, the employees might also undertake their own personal assessment as a medium of lifelong learning and a method to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the business by undertaking a SWOT analysis. Personal and professional development are encouraging the lifelong learning as well because both comprises the whole time process of development and learning, influencing, apprising and evolving a participants skills, expertise and interests to assure their effectiveness and adaptability. It is about enhancing or equipping the individual knowledge and expertise in a way that ensures to obligate structures of the current competitive organizations. Personal and professional development planning is the process of creating aims and objectives such as what an individual wants to attain in the short, medium or long term aspects in professional career evaluating current realities by identifying or assessing the skills or expertise of individual participants. The development of the personal and professional aspects can also be the criterion of assessing where a participant wants to progress and how can they get there, Keeping services up to date, mainly in IT and technical areas, nonstop learning, gaining satisfaction from attainments, structure up transferable skills, such as time management, malleability to change, self-awareness, supporting future employability, positioning to enhance job opportunities as they arise.  (Steward, 2010)


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