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HIST2311 Western Civilization 

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Western civilization is the epitome of the success of humanity. The period of civilization made development in all areas of global life. There was an expansion of artistic innovations such as paintings and poetry, philosophical and legal sense such as Aquinas theory of happiness, and religion mostly Christianity. The period was marked by rational reasoning and research. It took the globe by a storm and marked its place in history.

Background and the history of western civilization

Btech Hnd Assignment HelpThe main idea behind the establishment of the Western culture revolution was the ideal belief that each person has equal worth to the other. That every human is a rational being equal to the other. The idea evolved over 2000 years ago in Greece. Therefore, it is recorded that Greece was the origin of Western civilization. Many ideologies were born during the establishment of the culture. Nonetheless, the ideal belief that a human is a rational being and thus equal to the other was most dominant. It was killed each century by other beliefs, but it resurfaced century after century of the development of the Occidental culture. Greece was a wealthy country more than 2000 years ago. She boasted of gold and hardworking men. The citizens fortified the country so firmly and yet so high that future generations figured that Giants had fortified the nation. The Greece Citizens believed they were the habitual beings. They saw the others as different and queer. They related to each other but not the other human beings. After the Greek civilization, there emerged countless new cultures all over the world. Although the Greece did not believe in Christianity and had a set of gods that they worshiped, the ideal religion was born through the revolution that lasted years and years on end. Christianity came to be known as the epitome of religion. The religion was so intertwined with the revolution that; Western civilization was equated to Christianity.


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